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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
If you are lucky enough to have the deer skin, making the deer skin vest is an easy way to introduce you to sewing any leather.Deer skin vest can be made using the store-Buy a pattern or use a sleeveless shirt or T-shirtShirt with pattern spread.If you use a sewing machine, you can make a simple deer skin vest for a man or woman in the afternoon, and if you sew it by hand, you can make it on the weekend.
Fold the deer skin in half and the right side (the good side) towards the inside, thus spreading the deer skin hide.If you're using a store-Bought the pattern and folded according to the direction on the pattern packaging.Spread the sleeveless shirt on the deer skin to make sure the shirt is flat with the fur.
Scoop-necked or v-necked t-This shirt is perfect.Draw around the shirt with tailor's chalk.Make about 1 inch of the outline from the shirt itself.
This will allow you to have enough seam material and make the vest large enough to fit on a separate shirt.Cut the deer skin with scissors according to the chalk outline.Put a cut deer skin in the shirt you use as a pattern.
Chalk Out the front neckline of the shirt.Cut the neckline according to the chalk mark.Fold the front of the vest in half, cut it in the middle and make it into two pieces.
Insert a leather sewing needle into your sewing machine and thread the machine with a heavy cotton thread.Work with the deer skin and sew the two top seams together.Sew at least 1/4 from the edge of the material.
Turn the material and sew the first side seam.Similarly, Stitch at least 1/4 from the edge of the material.Sew the second side seam in the same way.Turn your vest right.The vest is now ready to wear because the deer skin does not need you to turn over and sew the raw skin because the leather does not pull the skin.
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