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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-04
Holiday parties and other jobs-Related features are both blessed and cursed this year.It is possible to trust people together.The workers were drunk and set up passes in the office for male or female "Spice Girls" and many kissed around the boss.It may also depend on people wearing the most outrageous and unacceptable clothing.What should you wear for your company vacation?

If your holiday is during the day and if your invitation doesn't say anything special, it's better to wear what you wear effectively.It means that you should wear a suit normally during the day and then a suit.If you usually wear business casual, do the same, but it's always smart to bring a hobby jacket or coat.Don't wear jeans at work-Although these are the clothes or sneakers you usually wear during the day.Prevent fun Santa hats, reindeer antlers and ties to play with "Bell bells.This is not the way you want your boss.Her boss will remember you.

At night, invitations can be professional or formal.Whether it's a professional dress or a really casual office, you can definitely wear one with a non-Sneakers (no sandals ).You are the safest for an evening "professional" in a dark suit.Dress up as if you are planning a date with an important client, not a first date with a teenager.Take a moment and have a good look.Make sure your suit is clean and tidy, your tie is clean and tidy, and your shirt is clean and tidy.Polish your shoesSimilarly, there is no Santa Claus hat, reindeer antlers and tie to play "Bell.You want to make a good impression with your colleagues.Your colleague and her boss.
For formal clothing, all dark suits, white dress shirts and heavy ties with dress shoes can be matched.Ideally, for formal clothing, you must definitely wear a tuxedo with a white shirt (please do not have folds) and a black bow tie.If you do not have a patent leather formal shoe, polished black dress shoes are acceptable (preferably slip-There are ons with gros bow ).Remember not to wear a pink-blue suit, Santa tie or Holly patterned shirt.Simplicity is elegance.

When the holiday activities are all day, your women have the same dress code as men.If it works for you to wear a suit --Wear either a skirt or casual pantsThen wear the same clothes as the company holiday party all day.It is possible to wear great shoes (high heels are not flip)Slippers) and a better jeweler than you usually wearBut nothing overwhelming for your event.However, the subject pin for any occasion is acceptable to the lady, not encouragement.Please do not use reindeer pins to light up or play songs digitally.A small business cut skirt (dark color) and a dress shirt with or without pins are also good for day activities, not suits.Use good sneakers again.This dress can be replaced by a pair of dark business casual pants, which are worn on fashionable shoes.Like a Man, no sportswear, no sneakers, nothing "cute", no, no!Flip-flops.If you wear a skirt, remember to wear stockings.This is not the center of summer.

For several companies, the evening holiday is a place to visit and stay.For a long time before December, it was a thing to dress well.Depending on the formal level of the evening, you'll find three different outfits going out of date with the invitation.If the activity is after work, then the clothing mentioned in the daytime activity may be appropriate --A suit in a skirt or casual pants, fashionable shirts with elegant jewelry and beautiful shoes (read as high heels ).For a more formal event throughout the week, a dress may be appropriate.It should be conservative and tasteful unless you have a charm industry (so you don't need to look at this ).Pair with high heels, stockings, pearls and pins or other simple jewelry.No mini-Please wear a skirt or tie.Again, you want your boss and her boss to be impressed with you because what a wonderful employee you might be, rather than sleeping with her husband.
Finally, when it says "formal" and is held in a private venue at night --It is likely that the sky is the limit on the weekend.For those of you who haven't done shopping yet, you 'd better go shopping now.A few points to remember.Clothing should be conservative, it should be classic, it should be said that you are educated and successful, it should be something they do again on the road.Don't forget the pearl.You can put more jewelry.In any case, don't wear anything with a holiday theme or red and green.If you are near the mall, you may be around Santa.
The staff worked tirelessly throughout the year to get a good performance rating, salary increase and promotion.However, many people, regardless of their career level, do silly things on the holiday function and wear the most inappropriate clothes.When you want your costume to say all the right reasons to have you, what you say to hear from the boss must be traditional and tasteful enough, her boss and others in the chain of organization command.Resulting in increased work for holiday activities, not job killers.

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