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sweatshirt Virginia Tech shooter believed to be dead

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
Gunmen who killed a police officer at Virginia Tech are believed to have died.Police say students and staff at Virginia Tech are no longer under active threat, where they were shot and killed earlier today.A police officer and an unidentified second man were killed while shooting on campus, the worst campus shooting in American history.
University officials said the officer was shot dead in front of witnesses after parking on a car for routine traffic checks at noon local time.The gunman, wearing a hood and carrying a backpack, ran to another parking lot and later found a second person there, who also died from a gunshot wound.It is not clear whether the second body belongs to the gunman himself, but police say there is no danger for students and staff on campus.
\ "The man fled the crime scene and headed in the direction of a second crime scene a mile away, where a male body with gunshot wounds was found, the university said in a statement.The campus was blocked and students and staff were told to seek shelter for four hours while police, including the FBI, searched the area.In a message posted on its website, four hours after the first shooting, Virginia Tech officials said police had determined that there was no longer a threat on campus, students and staff can "resume normal activities ".
"The Virginia Tech police, together with other law enforcement agencies, have identified that there are no longer positive threats or that need to be ensured in place," the statement wrote .".\ "Shortly after noon today, a Virginia Tech police officer stopped Ivy on campus at a regular traffic stop at a gymnasium near the McComas Hall, A statement said on the university website."The police officer was shot and killed during the stop of traffic.
There were witnesses to the shooting.
\ "Witnesses reported to the police that the gunman fled on foot towards a cage near Yanchi Avenue.Found a second person in that parking lot.The man died too.Several law enforcement agencies have responded and assisted.
Virginia police have been asked to take the lead in the investigation.\ "The state of the gunman is unknown.Officials at Blacksburg school in Virginia say the suspect is a white male, wearing a chestnut hoodie and a gray sportswear, carrying a backpack.The incident triggered a large number of reports of school shootings and suspicious activities, but officials said the reports were unfounded.
A press conference will be held later today.A university staff member told CNN he saw a man lying on the ground surrounded by a large group of police officers and recovering."Then the campus alarm went off," said Brian wall .
" He then fled the room.
An unidentified female student told an affiliate of Sky News that police were shot dead in a car."I saw the police car sitting there and I thought it was responding to a phone call," she said .".\ "He just fell off [the car] and went to the ground, covered in blood.
The incident has thrown the school year into chaos ahead of the final exam in the fall.The university has announced that it will be postponed until further notice."Once we have more information, it will determine the schedule for the final exam," it said .
Four years ago, 32 people were shot dead and more than 20 injured in a horrific shooting in South Korea.Students bornZhao Hui, who committed suicide at the end of the April 2007 attack.On August, the campus was blocked for more than five hours after three teenagers reported seeing a man holding a pistol they thought was covered with a cloth.
No gunmen found.
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