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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-14
Winter is coming and it's time to buy some winter clothes.From this gentle season, from leather to fur, there are a wide variety of fabrics and materials to choose from, for those who are not only in winter for warmth, but also for fashion, choose cashmere products.Cashmere is made into a variety of clothing, such as women's cashmere clothing such as sweaters, scarves, shoulders and shawls, or men's cashmere collections such as sweaters, scarves and jackets.
It is not just a dress made of cashmere.
There are also some cashmere accessories that can be made from fabrics such as mats, blankets, carpets and throwing balls.There is no soft touch on your skin like cashmere.It's hard to imagine that this soft material is made of anything but marshmallow thread.
But do you really know where it came from?Surprisingly, it is not made of marshmallow.It is made of goat wool.Yes, you read it right.Cashmere comes from cashmere goats, the only animal that can produce this dreamy, luxurious, mouth-watering fiber.A sheep cashmere goat farmer provided some information on why cashmere products are so expensive and luxurious.
A goat can't produce a lot of things.
Farmers can only harvest fiber once a year, most of which are done by combining the bottom of the annual shed.In the beginning, you can get six to eight ounces from a very good goat, but once processed, you usually don't get more than four ounces in return.Cashmere is a very limited resource. there is only a certain amount of cashmere in the world.
Like diamonds and gold, it is very rare and therefore the price is right.This naturally falling cashmere goat underwear is combed with a dog comb.Ideally, one would like to have a goat whose cashmere is of good quality and not just for specific areas.
The best area to fall off is usually the middle area of the GoatThat's why it takes about four goats to make a sweater.This relieves the myth that some people think the cashmere quality on the goat's neck is the best.There are a lot of contrasting stories about places on goats that are especially good for cashmere, but in fact the wool on the neck is of the lowest quality.
So that's why cashmere is considered more luxurious than other wool.Cashamere has a unique and high qualityTerminal product line for your choice.Where can I buy clothes and accessories made from this material, and can buy cashmere like Cashamere.
This product is also available in some retail stores specializing in cashmere around the world.See more at-
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