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sweater How to Turn an Old Sweater into an Adorable Dog Sweater

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
Now the winter is in full swing and the cold weather will continue to keep your furry friends warm with this cute DIY dog sweater.When your dog arrives at the park wearing this charming sweater, everyone must see it twice and wonder which pet boutique sells this cute little number.They will be surprised when you tell them you made it yourself with an old sweater, maybe you can tell them your waySecrets when your puppy runs and plays together.
To help remember how to cut each piece, draw a rectangle that is wide x (C) long.Calculate the difference between (B) and (;add 1 inch.This measurement will be the bottom of the triangle.
The height of the triangle will be your (D) measurement.Use the finished bottom edge for the neckline and cut a rectangle with a long (C) width (.Cut a triangle from the other piece of the sweater (B-A) wide (D) long.
Nail the triangle to the body of the puppy sweater and the right side towards it, so that the point of the triangle will be aligned with the beginning of the torn neckline.The back edge of the sweater is not aligned because the lower side of the sweater needs to be shorter than the top.Place a pin at (E;Measure (F) from (E) and place a second pin here.
The space between the pins will become the opening of the legs.Using a 1⁄2-Inch seam allowance and stretch needle or small zigzag needle, attach one side of the triangle to the rectangle: start from the point of the triangle, reverse needle, then sew to the first needle (leg opening ), then stitch again.Skip the leg opening and repeat in the rest of the seam, reverse stitching at start and end.
Nail the other side of the triangle to the other side of the sweater in the same way as step 4.Stitch the right side in the same way as step 5 so you have a leg opening.Sew all the way to the top of the neck edge.
Fix the seam allowance on the body of the sweater.Using a wide zigzag stitch, stitch the seam allowance along the entire edge to the body of the sweater, capturing the original edge in the zigzag.This will complete the edge of the leg opening and strengthen the stitching.
Repeat along the remaining edges, open the leg to the hem, and complete the seam that connects the lower triangle to the body of the sweater.Cut the neckline from the original sweater and add 1 inch 2.This will be used to finish the back edge of the dog sweater.
Nail the collar tear on the original edge of the sweater, facing on the right side, stretching the ribs to fit.Sew a 1⁄4-Stretch seams in inches.Turn the sweater over to the right and get your puppy dressed and ready for the cold!
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