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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
Whether you want to cut a sweater or just want to cut a shorter sweater, sewing and stitching can tailor the perfect outfit for your body.Some sweaters are easier to change than others, especially if the fabric is thick and can be untied.If this is your first time to wrap a side sweater, measure your expertise and skills first with an old, unworn sweater.
Cut off the original hem at the bottom of the sweater with scissors.Pull the line by hand.Wear a sweater.When wearing a sweater, measure the length you want to remove from the bottom of the sweater in inches with a ruler.Ask a friend to help you fix the bottom up as needed how many inches.
Take off the sweater and turn it over.
Mark a dotted line along where you want to give the hem of the dress.Remove the pin from the sweater and place it on the ironing board.Fold the edge to the bottom edge of the mark.
Fold along the folded edge with an iron.
Measure the hem allowance from the bottom of the sweater to the crease.The measurement depends on how thick you want the bottom edge to be.If you want to trim some of the bottom with scissors, please cut 1 to 2 inch evenly from the bottom.
Sew about 1/4 along the bottom of the hem-If the fabric is ra, inches from the edge.Use the sewing machine to sew the bottom directly to prevent the end from undoing.Fold the bottom edge up at the creases.Sew into the sweater along the edge of the hem and work from left to right.
Use the color of the thread head that matches the color of the sweater.Grab one to two lines with a needle along the edge of the hem.Go in and out through the edges of the garment and hem, stitch the two together and keep the weaving even.
At the side seam of the sweater, tie a summary and close the hem
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