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sweater How to Add Bell Sleeves to a Sweater

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
If you want to add some interesting unexpected details to a normal sweater or shirt, the bell sleeve is a good choice.You can match your shirt with plain fabric, or use more colorful things like embroidered mesh to express fashion.Horn sleeves have been around for centuries-from the middle to the 70 th-and now they have another stylish moment.
Whether it's casual or casual, these bell sleeves will make your outfit more fun no matter what occasion.Cut a paper clock-Pattern of 5 1/4-shapeA few inches on top, 9 1/4Inch at the bottom and 7 1/2-inches tall.Fold your fabric in half, along the edge of one side of the folded placement pattern.
Pin in place.
Cut around the pattern, remove the pin and open the fabric.Fold the fabric in half again and fold the right side together this time.Sell along the edge.Sew With a ball pointed needle along the nailed edge.
When you stitch at both ends and after, be sure to remove the pin to lock the stitches in place.Press the seams with cotton cloth and low heat.It melts if you put the iron directly on the mesh fabric, so be very careful at this step.
Turn your sleeves over to the outside and keep the mesh holes outside.Put the small edge of the bell at the end of the sleeve.Pin in place.It's tricky to just put the pin on one side of the sleeve, so you may need to slide your hand into the mesh to help with the pin.
Use the sleeve arm of the sewing machine to sew the mesh on the sleeve.If there is no sleeve arm on your machine, you may need to sew it by hand.Take the pin off when sewingSo, next time you're looking for a simple change to make your outfit fresher and fun, try adding a clock sleeve.
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