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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
Many people put one or two ugly Christmas sweaters behind the closet.Ugly sweater parties and competitions are the most popular group events during the festival.The ugly Christmas sweater contest can be a fun and relaxing event for families, offices or school parties.
While judging an ugly sweater race is harder than it seems, the extra effort is worth it to make sure everyone has the fun of participating in the game.Come up with several different categories for different prizes.If your party has more than 20 attendees, create prizes for categories such as the best Santa sweaters, the best animal sweaters and the brightest sweaters.
Other possible groups include the most interesting, strange or best description of the Christmas tree."You can also propose your own category for your guests.For example, if your party is held on a university campus, then make a classification for the ugliest sweater in school color.
One way to judge the game is to take a picture of each participant when they arrive at the party.Using a digital printer, print out the photos while taking them and hang them in one place.A removable set of round colored sticker points is available for guests at any office supplies store.
Specify points of different colors to correspond to different awards.Make sure guests receive a full set of color stickers and encourage them to distribute them in different entries.At the end of the evening it was easy to see which sweater got the most stickers for each category.
Another easy way to judge the game is that there is almost no need to prepare;All you need is a list of prize categories.In the middle of the party, it was announced that the ugly sweater race was about to begin.Once you get everyone's attention, bring up the categories in order.
Anyone who wants to compete for the title announced is welcome to the front of the room.Once the person stands up, repeat the name of the prize category.Introduce each guest separately, and then stop to listen to the degree of applause after each introduction.
Give the prize to the person with the most applause in each category.Reward the winner of an ugly sweater contest to issue gift certificates to a store that sells beautiful sweaters that may be worn for the rest of the year.The award was presented to the winner and an interesting announcement was made such as "Congrats you had the ugliest sweater at the party.
Hope you can buy something better with this gift certificate."You can make a humorous homemade trophy for the winners of each category.Stick the trophy handle to the cup and paint it gold.
Then write the category name on the trophy.After the party, give each winner a photo of the prize
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