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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
Is there any better way to update damaged, worn or useless wool sweaters than to create new functionality?This is achieved with hand-made gloves and provides a way of saving to keep your hands warm and your fingers can text and type.These eco-friendly fingerless gloves are both stylish and flattering, whether in the cold winter or in the cold air --Conditional summer officeWatch the video here!To make these gloves you will need a 100% wool sweater (Merino or lamb wool), pillowcase, rubber band, detergent, washing machine and dryer, tape measure or ruler, pin, large needle, thick thread, scissors, buttons (available for decoration), and wool scrap (optional for decoration ).Read the fabric content of the sweater and be careful that the label says washable or super-washed wool ---These don't feel.
Check if there are holes in the lower part of the sweater sleeve;In the process of shrinking, the hole becomes larger.If there is no hole in the sweater, put it in the pillowcase, unscrew the top of the pillowcase, fold more than 5 inch, and fix it tightly with a rubber band.The pillowcase collects the fluff and lint off the sweater and protects the washing machine and pipes.
Wash in hot water with 1/8 cup detergent and use the setting of the washing machine to produce the maximum stirring at the minimum amount of water.Stirring causes the wool fiber in the sweater to be tightly connected and shrink and creates a tight, warm, durable felt fabric for the gloves.Stop the washing machine after the washing part of the machine cycle and check if the knitting of the sweater shrinks.
The tissue becomes less visible and the fabric will become thicker and fuller.Repeat the washing part of the cycle until the original size of the sweater is about 1/2.Completed by running the flushing cycle.Actively remove any large piece of wool or wool ball from the sweater.
Removing the wool will not damage the wool, it will improve the texture and quality of the wool.Roll dry sweaters at high temperatures.When completely dry, pull the extra wool ball until the wool surface is smooth and even.After felt, put your hands in the sleeve of the sweater, opposite the normal direction, and check for fit.
If appropriate, measure 7 inch (or desired length) from the bottom of each sleeve and mark it with a pin.If you need a larger size, cut a little from the wrist part of the sweater until you can fit your hands and wrists comfortably.If the sleeve is already snug when checking fit, skip the sewing step.
Just cut the thumb hole between the pins placed vertically in the "measure and mark the seam" step (Slide 10.Cut each sleeve at the pin mark and put the rest of the sweater aside.If there is enough felt, wool should not be worn out when cutting.
Turn each cut-Part from inside to outside.First put your hand into the uncut end and pull the cut end to the knuckles with an internal seam.Pinch the fabric on both sides of the seam together, fit snugly, and make gloves.
In the form of hands, nail a new seam line from the bottom of each glove to the top.Carefully remove the gloves and place the pins in place.Mark the fingers and wrist ends of each glove for reference.
Keep in mind that the gloves are opposite: each one is a mirror image of the other.Decide where you want to put your thumb hole.It will depend on the number of fingers you want the gloves to cover.
Mark the top and bottom of the thumb hole with two vertical pins on each glove.The space between the two pins should be 1-1 1/2 long, depending on the size of your thumb.Sew New seams along the pins parallel to the original seams;Start with the wrist end of each glove.
Use a simple running needle and stop the seam at the first vertical needle.Cut the Knot.Start with the second vertical pin on each glove.Use simple continuous stitching to sew to the end of the finger part of each glove.
Cut the Knot.
Trim new seams on both gloves to form a natural thumb hole in the open space.Turn the glove right and pull it to each hand.Check the fit.If necessary, Buckle, sew, and re-cut the gloves.
When satisfied with the fit, remove the gloves and turn them over.On these two gloves, sew the last seam to enhance the strength.Re-stitch seams using the first seam as a guide: blanket stitching works best.
Do not sew in the opening part that forms the thumb hole.Turn the gloves right.If you wish, you can easily decorate your gloves by adding felt flowers (as shown here) or adding decorative glove straps to your wrist (as shown in the video featured here.To make flowers, use wool from other parts of the felt sweater, or felt pieces of contrasting colors as shown.
On the wrong side of the fabric, draw four flowers and cut four flowers.Two flowers should be a little smaller than the other two.Turn the flowers so that the right side of the fabric is facing up.
Stack and align the flowers with the larger flowers at the bottom.Place a button in the center of each stack.Starting from the back, insert a needle of about 10 inch knotted lines on all layers of the flower (including buttons) and tighten the lines.
Insert the needle into the back through the button and flower layer and tighten it.Fix the flowers by knotting the thread on the back without cutting or removing the needle.Place the flower on the glove about 3 inch from the end of the finger and center on the top of each glove.
Sew them firmly on the gloves with needles and lines still attached to each flower.Fold about 1 inch along the top edge of each glove.Fix with one shot at the top of each glove and one shot at the bottom of each glove.
Complete gloves.
To make a warm arm rather than a glove, cut the sleeves a little longer and follow the same instructions
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