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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
Sweater is age-No clothes.A good sweater will keep you warm and comfortable for years after other clothes wear out.There is a way the sweaters show their age: blurry.When individual yarn fibers wear slightly, these fine lines form a layer of fluff around the garment-worse --Fluffy compressed ball called pill.
Try a simple remedy and product to make your old sweater look almost new.Take out the big pill by hand.Carefully pull the big croquet apart.If they resist being pulled, you can cut some of them, but be careful not to cut any yarn completely in the knitting of the fabric.If you do this, your sweater may be untied.
Try to remove the blur and pill with strong tape such as tape.This is a good way to remove the thickest and worst parts of the blur rather than the finer layers.Use one-time, one-time scraping off blurRazor Blade, less easily damaged sweater than twoor three-blade razors.
Stretch out the sweater or flat surface, or try this while you're wearing it, place the razor on the fabric until it's unwound.Occasionally stop to wipe down instead of side to prevent injury.Purchase fuzz Shaver specially made for this purpose.
These devices can be in big-The box store, which may be sold on the label of a fabric Shaver, a fuzzy razor or a pill remover.Buy a wool stone.The purpose of this pumice brick for sale is to remove the blur with mild wear
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