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sweater fairy tale who are the forefather of sweater industry - sports

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-16
Nowadays, sweaters have become the favorite clothes of many people, but few people know about fairy tales.This is a story that expresses the pursuit of happiness and hard life of our ancestors.This fairy tale is well known in China and Japan.
The heroine has different names, like the Swan Lady, the feather girl and the redCrowned sugar cane girlThe earliest record of the story appeared in the Eastern Jin Dynasty.In the story, a young man lived in a county called Xinyu. once he saw seven young ladies in the field.
In fact, the ladies are not real people.
What are they, they are the soul of the bird.The young man quietly stepped forward and stole the sweater of one of the ladies.When he got to the front of them, all the other ladies flew away except the one whose clothes were stolen by him.
So he took her home and married her.
A few years later, the lady had three children for the man, but she still wanted to be a spirit rather than an ordinary person.So one day, she found a place where the young man hid her sweater and wouldn't let one of her children see it, and very few people left at the end.More importantly, she even left her husband with her children.
There are many similar stories.
It is very famous in many Chinese countries.Although the style may be different, the main content is the same.This fairy tale is full of imagination and complicated plot, making the story have strong artistic charm.
Due to the old customs and views it contains, it is now highly valued.Many Chinese and Japanese experts have conducted special research on the story.1.Academic research."Miss sweater fairy tale" was inherited and developed in the history of China in 2000.
Whether it's young or old, almost everyone knows the story well, which makes the study of local culture very important.2.Economic value.If the study of fairy tales can be further improved, it will promote the development of Xinyu economy.Xinyu's natural scenery is not very prominent in the country, but if the locals can combine fairy tales with mountains and rivers, I believe they will get better results.
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