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sweater cardigans: how to eliminate the frump factor

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
This year is a year for sweaters.Short, long, dotted, patterned, custom, flowing, stylish, colorful, neutral, you call it, it's right there!That's great, right?…or maybe not!Sweaters are very practical, but they are also dangerous.It doesn't take too much time for a cardigan to change from cute and beautiful to outright frumpy.You often hear celebrity stylists say rather casually, "Oh yeah, just add a cardigan to it and you're all right!"Then they have no direction!Yikes!So, you go out and buy a cardigan and throw it on a shirt, tank or skirt and look at yourself in the mirror and who's staring at you?Not some trend-Except for your elderly grandmother, or worse, sir.
Rogers!Don’t give up!While sweaters can be tricky, they are very viable and can be flattering (not to mention practical ).Let's see what we should and shouldn't do.Of course there are exceptions to these rules, but in general avoid using: round, jewelry neckline (unless it has details like this to make it look like v-Neck or you have a wide square shoulder (which is helpful when wearing a cardigan ).
For people like me with narrow and tilted shoulders, a cardigan with a round neckline can make me instantly look out of date!The square design on the curved body (unless you want to look like ...... Yes ...... A box ).There is a strap on the bottom-unless the strap is purely decorative and doesn't squeeze your hips (or your hips are very slim and can handle extra focus there ).The belt is too long or too fragile, or even worse.
You can easily look like you're wearing a bathrobe (yes, even Katie Holmes will look bad that way!).This is especially true when wearing a skirt.Choose something as short as this: never buckle your sweater on the button, or else you'll risk looking like Lisa rouble on a live Saturday night (am I dating myself?).
Having it slightly open on the top and bottom creates a very flattering diagonal: Now, go out and buy as many fine, flattering sweaters of the best color as you can.I have learned from past experience in fashion that many great styles are here today and will not be there tomorrow, so buy as many valuable classic items as possible
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