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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-17
The collar gives the hand a complete lookknit sweaters.A sweater can be made in a variety of collar styles.The neck of the crew is the basic neck with ribs;A high collar shirt wrapped in a throat;The Cowl neck is wrapped around the neck with soft, loose folds, and the shawl collar lies across the shoulder.
First, sew the needle at the neckline of the sweater.Most neck lines are small enough, and the double-pointed needle is the preferred tool to make the collar, but some neck lines may be large enough to use circular needles.Take the needle by sliding the knitting needle into the top of the edge of the neckline.
Start with the throat opening of the sweater opened in front.For round collars such as crew neck, high collar or denim neck, start from the shoulder seam or the middle of the back of the neck.To make a shawl collar, start at the front of the center, or leave a short space at the opening of the throat, and then start the collar on one side of the space.
Weave a rib pattern for the crew neck collar.You need to sew a few stitches on the needle.The rib pattern is made by weaving a needle, purring a needle, and then repeating the pattern all the time around the neck.
Weave a strap twice as wide as the desired collar and stitch it in the pattern.Fold it to the inside of the neck and stitch the top of the band to the bottom.Knit the high collar in a way similar to the crew neck, but make the knit belt twice the width required to reach the wearer's earlobe.
Stitch the stitches with patterns.
Again, fold the top of the knit band on the inside of the neckline and stitch it to the bottom of the knit band.Weave the denim collar in regular knitting, not in the rib pattern.Use double-pick up the stitches at the top of your neckSharp needles.
Start the first round from behind the neck and weave it once.Weave four needles, pick up one shot from the previous round and weave one.Continue the pattern around the neck.Weave a regular circle.Gradually increase the number of stitches as you weave the collar.
Increasing the exact number of wheels will depend on the size of the sweater, the weight of the yarn you use and the length of the denim you want.When you weave, remember the soft, wrinkled look of the denim collar.The knitted shawl collar starts at the center front, or starts slightly from the left or right side of the front, leaving an open space at the throat.
Pick up the stitches at the top of your neck with a double-pointed or circular needle.Pur row, then weave the added row by weaving four stitches, pick up the needle from the previous round and weave, then repeat the pattern in a row.Turn the work over and then over.The shawl collar needs to be increased at a steady rate, which will lay the collar flat on the shoulder.
The exact number of rows added depends on the size and style of the sweater, and some experiments may be required.A good rule of thumb is to add stitches every other row of knitting
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