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support leggings for running Undies race not a good look

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-15
Two city councillors who dared to question the relevance of underwear cuisine accepted a string of criticism from community members.Peter Hulin and Peter sycopulis have revealed that they arexa0Year Undy 500xa0Suggested to council colleagues on Monday nightxa0Maybe it's time to try another special event to wear more clothes."I don't approve of the Undy 500 event," Cr Hulin said .
"I don't think it makes much sense to our town.Cr sycopulis later said: "I am not a serious person, but I think it is an unpleasant event."I hope there will be another option instead of people running on the street in their underwear.
The event was held in the form of a fund for the first time in February 2002-Raiser has attracted hundreds of contestants, some of themxa0Underwear, while others wear gorgeous clothes, or underwear on running clothes.When the standard posted this issue on Facebook yesterday morning, it immediately promptsxa0The public's response to the event received overwhelming support."You draw fun and humor from these Warrnambool events and people stop taking part, so the council will kill its own festival," Callum Rowe said .
After the community breakfast, Catherine Williams, the new chairman of the Wunta carnival, challenged two members to join the fun of Lee Avenue on February 1."It's no different from the people running on the beach, most of the contestants wear leggings and put their underwear on it anyway ,"xa0She said."Maybe sycopulis and Hulin members can take off their clothes and run next year.
Maybe it will change their mind.
She welcomed the unexpected increase in publicity becausexa0The committee has always hoped to make the event better and better.Mayor Michael Neoh attended two events.Once with the then Mayor James Nicol and Brenda Hampson of the moynshire Council, he later served as mayor with the captain of the parliament's environmental mascot."I'm wearing boxing shorts and T-shirts.The first shirt is the boxer shorts and the second is the cloak.
"Recall Cr Neoh.
"You sometimes see more meat on the sports ground, especially in the triathlon.Cr Rob Askew recalled that his thoughts triggered the incident."I 've been in a Ironman competition in Taupo, New Zealand, and noticed an entertainment program where people are dressed and wandering around the streets and shops," he said .
"I think it's called Undy Down.
I mentioned this to Peter Headon, radio manager 3YB, who started a unique Warrnambool event from there.Prior to the establishment of Undy 500, Cecilia veufen, then City Council event official, said, "We encourage people to be a little funny and a little creative within a decent range "
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