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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-12
Kurta is actually a shirt or top that is longer than the ideal shirt.The design of Kurta is simple, comfortable and comfortable;Popular clothing in India.Kurta is also an important part of fusion clothingAn emerging trend.
Men's Kurta: according to the fabric and design, men's Kurta may be classified as casual wear and formal wear.Men's Kurta made of Haidi, cotton or nylon are usually worn as casual clothes.Kurta is the first choice for activities such as puja and traditional get-together.
Indian devout Muslims wear kurta for special prayer sessions.Kurtas not only has a natural race but also is comfortable and ideal in summer.Kurta, a silk or satin man, is suitable for Indian formal attire.
They often decorate their sleeves and neck with embroidery, sequins or beads.Female Kurta: female Kurta has a wide variety of patterns, fabrics and decorations.The female Kurta used as a casual wear is usually made of cotton and very Indian khadi fabric.
The proper design is obtained by printing or dyeing, and Their Elegance is enhanced.Sanganeri prints, handprints, ties and dyes are one of the designs that are often seen in Indian women Kurta, which often constitute a casual category.The female kurta, classified as party costume, consists of kurtas made exclusively of silk and is decorated in a complex design.
This type of female kurta may wear a straight cut bottom or a traditional Punjab bottom.Female Kurta with bold print;Decorate with beads, match the right jewelry and make the right party costume kurta.Fusion-Wear kurta: a fusion of Eastern and Western clothing, known as fusion clothing.
When paired with jeans or pants, Kurta gives a sense of fusion.You can also wear a stolen or scarf.Fusion wear kurta is best made of fabrics with bold prints, block prints or modern designs.Earth tones are more suitable for the overall concept of fusion.
White is also the preferred color for fusion wear kurta, and it would be more appropriate if paired with beads and other trinkets.Designer Kurta: As the name implies, designer kurta is designed specifically to emphasize the uniqueness, style and methods of fashion.Designer kurta often goes with bold unconventional prints and novel designs on light-colored fabrics.
The designer kurta has a national style, and the fabric complements the national style, such as silk or chiffon, which can be worn as a party costume for idyllic wear.Designer kurta, paired with the right accessories and the Western bottom, will blend in.Designer kurta may or may be contemporary depending on the designer, which is designed for a specific market, and sometimes the brand.
Kurta is a new fashion concept.
Although it has become popular since the beginning of the 19 th century, contemporary style and novel design make it an integral part of today's wardrobe.Combining the traditional kurta with the right trinkets to give it a contemporary look is an art in itself.Make the most of this Indian dress and add splendor to your wardrobe.
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