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stylish hoodies for men Disco Clothes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-28
So you are invited to a costume party with the theme "disco" but don't know how to get this loud vintage look.Disco in their 70 s and 80 s looks really fun and easy.Don't you believe me?Just follow these simple tricks and you can rock at the party.
There are many options for women to choose from.In their 70 s, with the advent of the hippie movement, feminism peaked and women accepted the concept of independence and sexual freedom.This assertion of their sexuality, strength, and personality is greatly reflected in their costumes, from mini skirts to Maxi to hot pants.
Even cat suits with tropical and exotic patterns are popular.So when choosing a disco costume, you can choose any of these styles of clothing.During this period, the most famous style of clothing is a dress with a cage neck, so if you want to wear a cat suit, please choose one with a cage neck.
Keep in mind that the materials for the disco dress should be bright and shiny.In the decade of 70 and 80, polyester is the most important, so put on the clothes of this fabric and give yourself a real disco look.If you want to wear like a lady, you can wear the clothes of the imperial line.
In those years, imperial costumes with Indian style sequins were popular as evening dresses.In terms of hair, long loose hair is quite important in those days.So if you have long hair, leave them up and you can wear a wig if you don't.
You can perm your hair because it is also a popular trend in that era.To get the idea of a disco dress, consider "Elvis ".You can dance disco in a jumper suit, a village dress, or a casual suit.
Tight pants with glitter near the feet can be matched with a tight hug shirt.You can also wear the bottom of the clock.In those days, it is considered very fashionable to show a person's chest hair by opening two or three buttons of the shirt.
So you can do the same.
If you're going to wear a formal evening dress, you can wear a white dinner jacket or a smoking jacket and show off a fedora on your head.I went to Afros for the hair.Thick curly or pompous hair.E. a hair style with a raised hair on the front and on the forehead.Finally, your disco look will be incomplete without platform shoes or wingtips, so don't forget to wear these.
Disco costumes for children are the same as for adults.If it's for girls, you can choose the frilly mini skirt with a sling shirt.It can be a bell bottom and a tight shirt for boys.
A very popular accessory among teenagers aged 70 and 80 is hand woven friendship bracelet.So children can wear these to match their clothes.The color of the disco dress is always very big.
To make you look like this, flash on different places and faces.Cosmetics in loud colors such as purple and blue should be used.For women, false eyelashes, for men, fake gold jewelry, and clumsy clothes and the same bold attitude will play a role.
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