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stylish hoodies for men Clothing of the 1920s

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
Think about the 1920 s, we will have a fl image in our mind.But more fashion in their twenties.We introduce you to the styles you may not be familiar.Charming, bold, loving, and loving of all the luxury and shiny things; and the love of grace;Synonymous with 1920 is today's inspiring fashionista.
Show your 1920 if you want to show your stuffYou need to know what these styles are.If there is a style that is synonymous with 1920, it is the image of the girl.Coco Chanel created this style.The clothes Flappers wear are for comfort.
Their goal is to level the bust line.
The waist circumference of these clothes is usually straight and the skirt is above the knee.They are usually dotted with beads, sequins, or stripes.A boy is more popular than those with beautiful curves.
Charleston dress or low-Waist dresses from the beginning of the skirt began to pop in 1920.Dress worn while dancing Charleston because it allows them to move freely.Close to 1925, a new style of clothing has emerged, known as a dress with absolutely no waist circumference.
By the end of ten years, the dress had turned into a dress with a corset and collar.During this time, the knife skirt is also very popular.The length of these skirts is generally 1 inch below the knee.
Women from wealthy families are expected to follow the dress code based on the time of day and the activities they indulge in.They wear long, loose, long-sleeved evening dresses with belts or bows for afternoon tea.The 1920 s also brought about a revolution in male fashion.
At the beginning of the decade, men wore significantly shorter suits and jackets, only longer as formal clothes.Slowly, there is a shift to highWaist Belt jacket with higher buckle.The influence of these jackets comes from the military.
Costume of the First World War.
Pants also have different stages.
In the early days of the decade, men wore narrow shorts, and the cuffs often showed off their socks.Although men have worn narrow trousers for the past decade, in the 1920 s, the style of the trousers turned to wide trousers.These pants, known as the Oxford bag, are the pioneers of ringing at the bottom and are very loose.
The waist of the suit jacket is back to normal.Many men also like to wear single clothes.Double chest jacketbreasted vests.Sportswear, including shorts or shorts, are popular.
Most men wear morning clothes during the day and short dresses at night.Hats are important accessories for men and women in their 1920 s.The Cloche hat is a popular accessory.The woman cut her hair with bob's hairstyle.
The hats men wear make them different and reflect the class they belong.People in the upper class wear hats.Men from the middle class either wear fedora or a bowler hat.In the summer, men from the upper and lower levels of society are dressed in grass boats.
Men belonging to the working class often wear newsboy hats.After decades of conservatism, young people in their twenties breathe fresh air.Trousers, sleeveless dresses, sportswear, etc.
They are all clothing acceptable to women.Clothes become more comfortable.In 1920, people try to express themselves through unprecedented fashion trends.Consumerism has been high as people buy clothes to show how prosperous they are.
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