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stylish hoodies for men 80s' Fashion for Men

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
The post-80 s is one of the most iconic fashions in decades, especially for men.People follow a series of trends, some of which can still be seen in modern society.The day is the same as the runway.Ready to go back in time to see the men's fashion after 80?Take a 10-year journey of the boldest costumes ever decorated by sterner sex.
The fashion world after 80 s has undergone earth-shaking changes.Even before Lady Gaga began to wear all kinds of clothes for her, yore's young people had already put them on.No, there's no end-the-top crazy.It's fearless.People in their 80 s are all about fashion.
Even today, the fashion of the decade often affects the collection of designers, but it is not a victim of a trend.The experiment was great and people proudly showed off their stuff on the street.Looks like punk, preppy or sports-But "sexy" is the word of the day.
1980 of men imitate suntan lines, thin beards, tight bottoms, all shades of the palette, and lots of accessories.In fact, many outfits seem to be excluded from clothing, such as shirts without ties and shoes without socks.You might praise the huge changes in male fashion, from 70 to 80, to one of the most popular sitcoms of the time --\'Miami Vice\'.
Here, it really deserves recognition because it contributed to male fashion in the second half of the decade.In addition to Don Johnson, there are style icons such as James Bond, Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Anthony Michael Hall, David Lee Rose, etc.George boy and Michael.Each of them has an iconic look that defines the post-80 s trend and inspires the choice of young people.
After 80 s, hair becomes an integral part of personal style, men exercise for a long timeGenerous layered thick hairComb several variants of curly, asymmetrical hairstyles, ponytail, Mohawk, Jingzi and mul fish.Hair splitting is out of date.Men try to decorate it with bleach and the color of their hair, with headscarves, headscarves and black hats.Hair gel, mousse and gel are very popular among men for the first time.
After the 80 s, stars like Michael Jackson began to show off them, and Jheri curls became fashionable.The hairstyle presented today by Emo kids draws inspiration from the post-80 s hairstyle.The hair on the face also has style, and the thick beard is also very popular.
An example of celebrity is the front line.The band's "Queen" star, Freddie Mercury, has sparked fashion among his male fans.Don Johnson even makes stubble look cool on his designer costume.
Men's post-80s fashion is like a mixed bag with tight tights, leather pants and jackets, parachute pants (or hammer pants), warm legs, very short shorts, the torn StoneWashed denims, wreath puffs-Long-sleeved shirt, odd striped shirt, tight tie, Hawaiian shirt, jam, neon nylon sportswear, member-Only jacket, shoulder pad blazers with Dexter shoes and Converse sneakers.Each one lasted for several months and was quickly replaced by a new fashion craze.Let's take a look at the typical post-80 s fashion.
Punk rock is popular among teenagers and young people in their 80 s.They wear tight pants with chains, sleeveless shirts, torn jeans, inlaid trailblazer, metal jewelry, dark makeup, brightly colored hairstyles and thick eyeliner.Fans will wear T-shirts with band names and logos such as Sex Pistols and Guns N \ 'Roses.
Tailored leather jackets are popular with tattoo art.Black boots are widely used by punk children, especially Doc Martens.After 80 s, romantic fashion costumes.The anti-Punk/rock trends, created by artists such as ultrabook, Japan and David Bowie with loved ones-When they sing romantic songs, the boy looks like.
Wearing double-sex clothes, the concept of "gender"Bending is introduced.Men's shirt (thanks to Vivienne Westwood's "Pirate Collection"), pirate shirt, highWaist pants, button-free shirt, collar, Hussar-Stylish jackets, feather accessories and soft materials make you feel the charm of women.With the post-80 s fitness boom, people will wear sports shoes, sportswear, headband, etc.
, or half-Frankie's long-sleeved shirt, slogan T-shirt, "Relax" T-shirt went to Hollywood, ripped jeans, loose pants, keds without laces, highTop and converse.Denims has gained great popularity among the public.People like jeans of various styles.Gasoline, stripping and acidwashed.There are many kinds of shirtsPaisley, sleeveless, kamikaze, black-collar fully-Button shirts and long shirts.
The 1980s "yuppie" is conservative and can be found in Ivy League universities and businesses.Because of the clothes, it is easy to findOxford shirt, polo shirtShirt, khaki pants, casual shoes, duck boots, argyle socks, dress pants, suspenders, pinsStriped suit, bodice, plaid sweater, often worn on the shoulder, tied with a seam --back hairstyle.Miami is popular with regular T-shirts in suits and padded jackets in soft colors.
In the post-80 s punk fans, metal accessories are always used to decorate, such as earrings or earrings (left or double ears), safety pins on clothing, long chains of spikes or inlaid belts, lots of bracelets, piercings, leather wristbands, cuffs and black fingerless gloves with black leather boots and Doc Martens.You can see some paint painted with black nail polish.This is probably the most body jewelry worn by men.
Not only do you wear fingerless gloves.
New Romanists or "blitzkrieg children" Lovers wear lace gloves.The trend of the gloves is likely to be famous by Michael Jackson in the 1983 "Billy Jean" video, and his fans often wear white gloves on one hand.This is Tom Cruise in Ray too-Pilot sunglasses in BAN KI-MOON's first boxAlso in 1983, office encountered a "risk business ".
Then, in 1986, he did it again in the movie "heroic Ling Yun.He also made leather jackets in the studs that wanted to replicate his manhood.After the 80 s is a decade of watches.There are many kinds of watches to wear, some even on the neck.
The more refined watch is carried by gentlemen wearing three watches that have been drastically cut.piece suits.In the mid-1980, Swatch, now International-Famous watch company, making plastic watches in many neon lightsOften wear a few pieces of color samples at a time.You can also wear popular Swatch on your clothes!At this time, the digital watch is a new technology, it is popular in the decade after 80.
Neon colors are not limited to watches and leggings.Men like to decorate their wrists with plenty of neon lightsColorful plastic bands and bright frames also wear shades.For a while, socks were missing from the clothing.
When casual shoes became popular in the 1980 s, men did not wear socks at all.Music has had a huge impact on the post-80 s male fashion.In the past 10 years, the world has seen a variety of completely different fashions in terms of clothing, makeup and hair, some of which have appeared even in the 21st century.
It was this era that created the modern fashion of men
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