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stylish hoodies for men 70s' Clothing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
Back to fashion in their seventies.Recently, several designers walked back to 1970 in time for inspiration.If you want to catch up with the trend, re-examine the fashion in your 70 s and learn from it.Do you think fashion in your 70 s is all about platform pants, Leka and disco costumes?Fashion in the 1970 s was much more accomplished than we did ten years ago.
From trying to skirt to getting inspiration from the clothes that ordinary people wear, fashion designers in their 70 s go all out.High-end fashion works hand in hand with bohemian clothing, an exciting combination.The criticism of fashion in its 70 s is already quite serious.
Many people think this is one of the most bizarre decades of fashion.But there are also a lot of people who praise the 70 s for having some of the bestStylish silhouette.Designers have tried the updated silhouette to give us an idea of the most popular trends in the past decade (such as a wrap skirt ).
Several trends over the past decade have now come back, with men and women embracing several outlines of fame for themselves in the 1970 s.Let's see what men and women in their 70 s are wearing.At the beginning of the 70-year-old decade, there was no big change.
Since the end of 1960, the image of hippie has continued to the age of 70.Worn jeans, ties and hair-dyed shirts and peasant shirts are still popular.Skirt length becomes more diversified as minis remains popular and medium termThe skirt of the calf length is called midis and ankleThe length dress named maxis is added to wear.
Another popular trend in the early 70 s was hot pants (small tight shorts ).Pants, known as loon pants, are stylish all the way to the knees and then burst out.It was in her 70 s that Diane von Festenberg introduced her wrap skirt.
Today, this silhouette has become one of the most popular cuts ever made.Young women and girls also like the cut top, which shows the middle waist.Rock stars have greatly influenced the way most people in their 70 s dress.
The clothes become more luxurious, decorated with rhinestones and sequins, made of satin, velvet and other fabrics.They are also inspired by 1930 and 1940.In the past ten years, both men and women have put on the pants, and the pants have become very big.Other popular trends include tops, forks and shirts-waist dresses.
Like women's fashion, men's fashion is still influenced by hippies in their early 70 s.There is also the effect of the so-called "work men's clothing", which means wearing denims, boots, suspenders and jackets.Inspired by a 70-year-old rock star, men wear a slightly shiny suit, satin jacket and velvet pants.
At the age of 70, men began to like three suits.They wear these suits (very rich in color), wide collar shirts, and sometimes only one vest.At least it can be said that the disco era is dazzling and men wear the brightest colors.
Wide lapels and horn pants were all part of the popular male fashion at the time.The tie is also getting wider and more colorful.Popular fashion for men in their 70 s is baseball jerseys, t-Shirts with colorful sleeves and short-sleeved T-shirtsShirt with decal illustrations on it.
This is especially popular among young people and boys.From the age of 70, fashion is to discover a vibrant, more luxurious style.This is about in an excessive statement.the-This makes it a very different top-level way from the previous decades.
People will always remember the fashion of the decade.Whether it's good or bad or ugly is something completely different
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