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stylish hoodies for men 1960s' Hippies Fashion

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
1960 is a revolutionary decade.People, especially young people, wear clothes to express rebellion under fixed and generally accepted concepts and social norms.The hippie is part of the youth movement and consists of young people and teenagers aged 15 to 25.They prefer "peace, love and personal freedom" to political and social orthodox ideas ".
Hippies are often mentioned by "prim and proper" and by citizens who are responsible to society, who have designed a whole new way of life.The 1960 century witnessed a major paradigm shift in the way the world views experiment and innovation.This is the time for the world to recognize economic strength.
This is an era that paved the stage for the "information and communication revolution" ushered in the 21 st century.Fashion naturally shows the deepest part of the human mind that is undergoing great changes.Changes related to the empowerment of women, human rights-related issues and racial equality are reflected in the acceptance of casual and comfortable clothing.
Hippies test and deal with trials and errors with a sense of responsibility for their actions.Hippies are young people who resist and criticize the values of the middle class and accept certain aspects of the non-middle classJudeo-Christianity opposes the Vietnam War, promotes sexual liberation, and creates a community of intent that is often considered to be a new religious movement for their tribe.Hippie fashion is accepted by more than 1960 young people and even the elderly.
Ten years later, the focus is on the vibrancy of clothing and accessories, rather than what others think of a particular look.In general, people wear clothes that they feel express themselves and their individualism, not to please the regular fashion.The shocking rock music and global protests against social stigma such as apartheid have created jeans and Cowboys.
This is an era of casual clothing;In this era, people think drug use can be tried.Hipsters and BellJeans, ankle stripes, flower pieces and a farmer's shirt are all part of the wear.T-Shirt and tight strapsNeck tops are part of everyday wear.
Wearing long skirts and skirts, female hippies redefine the concept of "acceptable.For conservatives of this era, skirts are hard to digest, and miniature and mini skirts are a cultural shock.Short skirt for knees-High boots, long skirt is considered to be better with sandals.
It is not uncommon for the flowing ribbon on the hair or skirt.The flower strongly emphasizes the hippie movement.They are used to represent peace and love.
Tired of the cultural and economic losses caused by World War II, hippies showed floral patterns on dresses, skirts and jeans.Artificial flowers and real flowers are on the hair.Hippie fashion in the 1960s S contains clothing that may only appeal to young people today.
Baby boomers, also known as flower children, do not hesitate to show off flowers on their hair, just like the customs and attractions of the East.In the West, hippies are also keen on human body painting, human body piercing and tattoo art.This is not appreciated by the older generation.
Men, like women, have long, loose hair.
In the hippie movement, men and women have long hair due to the popularity of weaving hair, avoiding picky styling and hair products.Usually, the hair is separated in the middle, and it is a bangless.During this time, the male thing is a long side burn.
"Free appearance" does not pay attention to other people's views on themselves --Through the expression of clothing, I believe that "everyone is equal" and oppose social evil.Fashion accessories during their 60 s include headscarves and other headwear such as scarves.Hippies decorate their hair with flowers, hairpins, or colored headband on their foreheads.
Tie up with long and easy straps at the back of the headIn that decade, flowing hair became an iconic look.Women's jewelry is mostly influenced by nature, or comes from native America or any similar handmade design.Any necklace with a peace sign with beads is very popular.
The jewelry for making music is very popular because music is an essential part of the hippie scene.Necklaces with bells as pendants and jangly ankle bracelets are popular among women.In general, the ankle has received a lot of attention, especially for people living on the warm West Coast, because many hippies prefer to go barefoot.
The hippie's fashion manifesto sparked anger among young people.As it grows older, it shows signs of disappearing.They live up to the days when we are young!Unlike today's formal business environment, as early as the 1960 s, hippie fashion trends provided very informal and casual clothing for work and leisure.
Fashion clothing is a form of anti-culture and non-compliance with the trend.Personal expression of people and times leads to easily identifiable styles that have a significant impact on the contemporary world.Fashion is derived along the line of "anything can be.
After the hippie repelledThe war in the world is ugly, turning the attention of fashion giants to as much natural beauty as possible.The youth movement has greatly affected the youth fashion industry.Trends change over time, but in 1960 women who find their personality and style never give up and pass on their hippie influence to their daughters.
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