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stylish hoodies for men 1960s' Fashion

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
Clothing style has been affected by the attitude of people in specific times;Fashion in 1960s is one of the best examples, including colorful fabrics and bold designs that eliminate formal style."Fashion is not something that only exists in clothing.Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion is related to ideas, our way of life, what is happeningEven today, 1960 of fashion is used because the decade has been marked as a period of significant social change and is entirely dominated by young people.
These are all in the years after World War, the baby boomers are young people who demand to have their own fashion style and set their own trends.Due to the huge fashion legend, designers in the 1960 s have also responded more generously and have a bold approach to styling, which is reflected in the way they are designed.This shift is a warning to the early days that 1960 of young people will not be dominated by what must be worn, when to wear it, and by the traditional obligation of who to wear it.
In this era, fashion has experienced many changes in women's clothing.Everything is different as the style, hairstyle, footwear color changes.Dresses make way for Mini and long dresses and close-fitting dressesClothes that fitHippies think that wearing clothes is only for the necessities, not for the luxury.
They wore bell-Jeans, long skirts, loosefitting or tie-Dyed shirts, sandals and ribbons.In her early 60 s, first lady Jacqueline Kennedy showed off the elegance of the clothes.The lady wore a suit and a short coat,sized buttons.
Women also showed their sexy figure with-Sleeveless-patterned mini dress with kneeBoots, stylish goggles and accessories with beads.Cocktail dresses, high heels and goIt is also very popular.Polo collar top, SquareToed boots and berets are also becoming more and more popular.
Color trim, leather boots, LED-free jacket, comfortable casual pants, loose-Fitting shirts are more of a design for these fledgling young people whose attitude is to change the world.By the middle of the century, sequins and shiny fabrics have also become popular, with leather handbags and pumpsheeled shoes.The transparent net clothes are shown off by celebrities and accepted by ordinary people.
Capri pants and skinny denims are also popular.Some of the most famous collar styles of the 1960 s were the neck of the turtle, mainly with the Trailblazer and vest with plaid stripes.The Nehru jacket was also inspired by the Indian prime minister and was very popular --Jawaharlal Nehru is a favorite of the Beatles and other celebrities in their 60 s.
Trousers and sweaters are also famous.
Other fashionable styles for men include a wide range of collars.These collars were designed according to the global inspiration of the time and merged with Western clothing.In the 1960 s, there were some serious changes in the design and pattern of men's wear.
The "hipster" pants that will be worn under the navel are also popular in their 60 s, even today they are modified and seen.People decorate their appearance with trendy watches, vintage sunglasses, funky bands, and are seen riding the famous mod-Style Lambretta scooter.At that time, a famous model was buffalo plaids, which was welcomed by hippies and regulars along with lumberjacks.
At this time, another form of shirt is a shirt with psychedelic print and high matchingRegent jacket
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