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stylish hoodies for men 1960s' Clothing for Men

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-28
After years of conservative dress, men's clothing has undergone earth-shaking changes in the 1960 s.From the original Mods to the later hippies, the design patterns became relatively more radical and liberated.In the early 1960 s, men's wear experienced the so-called fashion revival.
Designers look for inspiration from European (especially Italian) clothing.Men's clothes fit more and more, and custom jackets and narrow lapels are the standard for most people.Casual suits and single chest suits are very popular with narrow collar shirts.
The fine tie so popular today is also a step back in fashion in 1960s.In fact, at the age of 60, the extensive connection almost disappeared from the fashion stage.Modernist (a sub-culture born in the UK) or popular Mods are responsible for this change in clothing and fashion attitudes.
Mods preferred clothing gives them a look that is often referred to as a city gentleman.The pants are usually slim with a narrow shirt.If they wear jeans, then they prefer jeans made by the denim company Levi \'s.
Winklepicker shoes with long pointed toes are not only men, but also women's most popular shoes.There are some staples in men's clothing in their sixties.These must-The wardrobe includes a t-shirt-Shirts that work with a variety of other clothing options.
They can be worn under suits, sweaters and even shirts.Although the high-collar shirts of most colors are popular, Black is still the first choice, especially for the beat.Another popular trend is the Nehru jacket imported from India.
The jacket's stand collar and small buttons are popular with the Beatles.Men's clothes in their 60 s were also welcomed by plaid shirts, and until then only lumberjacks and workers were wearing plaid shirts.Men and women wore plaid shirts during this period.
In the second half of the 1960 s, clothing has undergone earth-shaking changes, much different from the clothes that were popular in the early decade.Men and women begin to wear the same pattern.The influence of hippie culture, clothing is more personal and non-personalThe ink keeper in nature.
Questioning authority is synonymous with the decade itself, and the idea is reflected in hippie outfits in their 60 s.At the end of 1960, Bell underpants, paisley shirts and point ties were the most popular clothes for men.Both men and women began to wear colorful clothes with psychedelic patterns.
The pants and trousers are worn out.
Tie-Men like clothes with patterns.
In fact, t-Shirt and handkerchief with tieThe dye pattern on them is the fastest-selling clothing in this era.A man in his 60 s is a true follower of the hippie movement and can't see him without the garbage of a pair of denims and jeans, which is considered better.Fashion in its 60 s is about promoting peace, love and freedom.
Cloak, peace sign, chain strap and velvet pants are all important components of the clothes worn by most men in their 60 s.At that time, the tassels deer leather jacket was also popular among men.Surprisingly, although all the focus was on peace, another important dress for men in the 1960 s was with t-Colorful shirts and shirts.
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