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stylish hoodies for men 1960s' Clothing

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
The fashion atmosphere of 1960s is full of rebellion and experiment!The clothing and accessories of 1960 s vividly reflect this attitude.Like any other era, the trend of clothing and fashion in 1960s was strongly influenced by the personal style of celebrities and well-known public figures.Men can be seen dressed like "Beatles" or "Rolling Stones" while women dress like Brigitte Bado and Jacqueline Kennedy!The formal elegance of the 50 s is followed by the 60 s.
Almost-Crazy fashion eventThe style of men's and women's clothing in their 60 s has changed dramatically, an era in which elegance and leisure or Gypsy fashion coexist.This is a decade of colorful and bold tailoring!Let's take a look at the men's and women's clothing in 1960s, which made up the fashionable kaleidoscope of that period.Who says premium custom clothing is just a privilege of sex?The men's style in their 60 s refutes this claim!During this period, the high-collar shirts marked their place in the men's wardrobe.
Other male fashion outfits like NehruPrinted shirt, paisley patterned shirt, velvet trousers, high matchingGot Regent, mods and water-Plaid shirts announced their arrival at 1960.Due to the rising influence of youth fashion, the fashion after 60 has a young and more casual feeling, instead of the exquisite, high-end after 50end-fashion-The impact of the house.Decor, wide tie, bold and crazy print and trouser straps are popular accompaniment to men's casual clothes in the 1960 s.
Mary Kunte brought back the sexy with her invented mini skirt!There has never been such a big impact on women and men for better women's wear than this (the reason is obvious!) alike!Bell bottoms and bell bottoms are also popular among women and men.The main items are chiffon, polo tie rib sweater or vest.The most popular is the swing coat and stained fake fur!Another introduction on the 1960 fashion stage is Go-Go boots.
The look of Bouffant is very popular, shift, capris, skirt, baby --Doll dress and tieDyed tops and mini dresses.Gipsy styling, including headscarves, headscarves and earrings, was very popular in those days, as well as slim-fit trousers, high heels and plunging ties!In that era, newsboy hats, leather hats and leather hats were popular choices for women's headwear.The use of false eyelashes and seamless pantyhose was introduced in a fashion outfit for women in 1960s.
The fashion scene after 60 also shows the appearance of hippie and the appearance of space.French designer Andre Courrages introduced space styling in 1964, including pants, suits, white boots, fluorescent-colored goggles and box-shaped dresses, and shiny fabrics such as PVC and sequins, giving metal finishes.Hippie costumes draw their influence from hippie culture, which opposes war and promotes peace, love and personal freedom.
The hippie fashion style of 1960s features loose, smooth and comfortable clothing with natural fabrics and psychedelic colors, with colorful beads and large accessories.All in all, the fashion and fashion trends of 1960s can be said to be a mix of celebrity fashion and urban style, adding a colorful imagination and making bold and strong personal statements.Fashion in their 60 s is more about attitude than about elegance and social norms.
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