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stylish hoodies for men 1950s Fashion for Men

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-28
Many young people symbolize 1950 of male fashion, trying to express themselves through the clothes they wear.For the first time after the war, people began to use style to convey their sense of identity.In the decades since the Second World War, the economy has become more and more developed.
In the reconstruction phase of all economies, ideas and fashion have been severely affected.At that time, clothing had become more modern and free in nature.The modern business fashion that has been popular has been influenced by the way men dress in 1950.
In the 1950 s, economic and social conditions were improving and life was becoming more comfortable, so people began to wear clothes accordingly, and tailors and designers began to use cloth more freely.1940 of fashion depicts a minimalism, and the military dress influence of World War II makes men's clothing fit better.Therefore, the accessories are more precise and simple, and the designer has ruled out any parts that are not needed in the clothing.
For example, three in the early 20 th centuryA suit was modified.Remove the inner vest and shorten the length of the tail coat.The tail coat usually has two series of buttons running in parallel.
Two groups of buttons are reduced to one group and the number of buttons is also reduced to two or three groups.Next, the height of the collar is reduced, and the upright collar becomes short, folded, and comfortable.The usual bow tie was replaced by a tie.The idea is to keep the wearer comfortable.
The design of these improvements and improvements is also easier to manage and handle.Fashion in this era is basically practical.One person will wear the following clothes on any day of work.
The pattern of stripping isxa0Very popular,xa0Ordinary jackets are also used.The shirt is usually white and in many cases there is also a pocket in front of the shirt and the color is light.Many designers began to introduce pockets.
less shirts.
The cuffs are modified to fit the wearer comfortably.They are also getting shorter and narrower.One obvious feature that can be seen from many shirts of that era is the fit of the sleeves, the sleeves are fluffy and uncomfortablefitted earlier.
The pants were wrinkled (not in some cases) and measured well.During this period, the bell-shaped bottom became popular.However, people never wear them to work.The modern trousers and jeans we wear today are basically designed in accordance with the same lines of this fashion design.
This fashion emphasizes the simplicity and comfort of the design.The trend of this era is deeply influenced by Western pasta and the upcoming rock fashion.Fashion designers are influenced by denim.
The shirt for casual wear began to have embroidery design, and the bell bottom on the leather boots began to pop.Another style of men's wear is casual shirts.They are the color of the free tone, very short, halfLong sleeves, loose.
Fashion costumes by famous tailors and designers have also begun to appear, and idols such as Malone Brando and Elvis Presley have become advocates of fashion in their 50 s.1950 is considered an important era because many famous fashion companies, companies and famous clothing brands, such as Ralph Lauren, have started their innovation and business in this decade
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