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stylish hoodies for men 1940s' Fashion

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
After the Great Depression, World War II hit the morale of the people.In the desperate period of supply shortage and ration, men and women still insist on fashion and deal with it with simplicity.Women retain their long locks and curl them up to create a compelling look.
1940 is not a decade of peace.
Great changes have taken place in the political field, which is reflected in the fashion industry.In order to understand this, you have to know more about this decade, which has changed the previous definition of dress.In a fierce ongoing war, people felt compelled to leave their homes and give their lives for their country and their faith.
Before the war, even after the war, Paris was considered the world's top fashion capital, with Italy in second place.With these countries involved in World War II, fashion shows and apparel industries across Europe and the United States have been hit.During these difficult times, rationing began to exist, and the government controlled fashion and excessive --In order to prevent people from spending money on extravagant things, rather than basic necessities.
So the ladies had to give up wearing stockings and switch to bobby socks and sew seams on the skirt or just shave off the hair on their legs.Wool, silk, leather, nylon, etc.Used to make uniforms, laces, parachutes, and other items needed in the war.Men and women stand up in tough times and don't give up on war and fashion.
The philosophy of this era is "doing and supplementing ".With the introduction of many different fabric materials, the focus shifted to lighter fabrics compared to the earlier ones.Women prefer broad shoulders.They added filler to their clothes.With the thinning of stockings, the fashion of 1940s saw women skillfully draw a line at the back of their legs, leaving the impression of wearing stockings.
There is less material for making skirts and jackets, so they are shorter.Ten years ago, what was thought to be as shocking as a woman wearing pants became a commonplace.However, the pants that women like are loose work clothes or boots pants.
The high heels are still decorated by the ladies with a slight platform improvisation.In that era, the demand for swing skirts was large, floral patterns dominated the design in the early 1940 s, and geometric patterns became a fashionable style in the late 1940s s.When Paris and Milan are isolated from the rest of the world in battle, American fashion designers have to rely on their wisdom to create something out of thin air rather than being "inspired" by their French and Italian counterparts.
They changed the sportswear they were ready to wear, which is practical for women.The war had a similar ripple effect on men's fashion.The vest is missing and bright.The color wide tie is popular.The Zoot suit is another trend mainly worn by African descent.
Young Americans in the United States and Mexico.The Zoot Suit is a wide-legged high-waist trousers with a long coat inside.During the war, men were given a lot in such clothes --Need confidenceBut because of rationing and government restrictions, the dress is considered completely rebellious and even unpatriotic.
This is a triangular folded scarf worn by women in their 1940 s as the hood.The ends of the scarf are firmly tied under the chin.This was inspired by Babushka, a Russian elderly woman.
Ankle long white socks worn by 1940-year-old teenagersxa0Accompaniedxa0Thick cuffs, decorated with ribbonsxa0Call for newxa0Girl.Worn as part of the uniform, they are paired with Oxford shoes or different shoesxa0Lazy man.These are riding pants in boots.The army released jodhpurs for their men and women.
Coco Chanel, inspired by the groom, became popular in 1920.These are loose shorts worn by men or boys.Later, in golf, rock climbing, cycling and other sports, lantern pants were decorated by athletes.
This is a short skirt or fold that must be worn.There was a wardrobe for women in 1940.It broke out to suggest a larger hip.It is usually attached to the waist of a jacket or skirt.Saddle shoes are the most popular among school children and college students.
The girls have a slight heel in their saddle shoes.It is usually made of leather.During that decade, many people also liked the black shoes of the white saddle.This is the headwear that ladies wear to keep their hair tidy.
This is a very practical accessory for women working in factories (in the absence of men in war ).This hair net was obtained with the help of some bobby pins, giving the wearer a rather sporty look.The dresses were decorated by young women in 1940.
Some patterns have a mid-range belt and V-fit-Shoulder yokes neckline.Young women like to dance.Older women wear a very conservative skirt, especially a skirt with polka dots or small floral patterns.Rosie, the rivet worker embodies the spirit of all the women working in the factory during the War of 1940.
Rossi, the rivet worker is an ordinary working-class woman who is employed in male-dominated industries such as welding, construction, and electrical.Shoes of this style are usually low heel and are made of leather and come in two different colors.In most cases, the toe and heel cap prefer dark colors.
However, the main body of the shoe was experimented with various colors.After the war, Dior-A fashion icon sent his bar suit and encouraged the ladies in the war --These countries have accepted this new look.This suit with a flared skirt and a special emphasis on women's figure became famous overnight.
After the war, the sloppy Joe sweater became popular as an ordinary sweater.The sweater is for girls in their teens who usually wear large-sized sweaters.Usually, this sweater is worn with pleated skirts or trousers (when they are accepted by society in their late 40 s ).
From hats, make-up to clothing, fashion trends are monotonous and convenient, but due to the lack of amenities, women in 1940 were not discouraged. They did what women are best, that's accessories.They had long hair, curled it up and looked very noticeable.
The girls use bright red lipstick to attract people's attention.Mascara is a must.There are items in the Lady's wallet.But what's interesting is that the eyeliner is just applied to the top of the eye.With the end of the war, the austerity of the fashion world has come to an end.
The feminine temperament in the style of clothing is back in the picture, people celebrate the victory by extravagant dress and indulge themselves.As a result, the trend of popularity at the end of 1940s is a huge contrast to the clothing at the beginning of 1940
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