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stylish hoodies for men 1900s Fashion

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-29
With the vigorous development of the fashion industry, especially in Europe, 1900 of the fashion has undergone earth-shaking changes.Let's take a look at the 1900 fashion trends established for men and women.The first decade of the 1900 th century to the 1914 s was called the Edward era, an important period of fashion.
With the Industrial Revolution, mass production of clothing has become possible, thus raising awareness of the latest fashion trends for men and women.More importantly, almost everyone in each class insists on them, despite different requirements for formal and informal clothing, morning clothes, afternoon clothes, daytime clothes, sportswear, women's evening dress in particular.The fashion element of the 1900 era tells us the trend of that era.
Women's fashion trends at the beginning of 1900 were characterized by an hourglass profile, where the waist contracted by using a corset, and the hips and chest looked fuller.When observing the outline of this appearance, one will notice the famousCurve profile, trend of the day.Shirts and skirts are exaggerated.Collar is common, narrow waist belt.Women wear long skirts and skirts, several of which are worn by train.
Most of the clothing in 1900 was customized just to achieve a "perfect fit ".Fashion women make sure they always wear the best and latest fashions.The clothes were improved with beads, laces and mesh.
In the summer of over 1900, women wear cotton washable dresses enhanced by laces and embroidery and pintucks.Women wear clothing similar to men during travel or outdoor activities, or as informal clothing.e.A corset with a high neck shirt.As a formal dress, women in the 1900 s were dressed in a tweed or wool suit, including an ankle-length skirt and a matching jacket.
Fashion trends require fashionable clothing, decorated with hats and the most gorgeous fur.Without a hat, any clothing in the 1900 s was incomplete.At that time, women wore big and wide hats with feathers, flowers, fruits and ribbons.
Some even decorate with stuffed birds.
Hair style is always high and bun is worn.However, at the end of the decade, the curve is out of date, and its location is replaced by the style introduced by a famous French designer, Paul porret.The whole chest and hips have shrunk.The bodice were relaxed and are now made to fit in with the original body shape.
The famous hourglass silhouette has now turned into a straight outline that exudes elegance and elegance, a trend that has been going on for decades.The high waist is still the order of the day.Hats also continue to adorn the overall costume.
There is a misconception that is always there, that is, men don't make a fuss about fashion like women.However, men's fashion in the 1900 s proved this view wrong.During the decade, it is also normal for men to wear different clothes at different times of the day, including morning clothes, casual clothes, dinner jackets and other formal clothes.
In the winter of 1900 s, kneesThe length of the coat is a major style.During travel or outdoor activities, men wear heavy tweed jackets with folds and belts.The striped shirt is a popular informal dress.
The men's shirt features a high and hard collar.Ties are also part of informal clothing.And "four-in-The knot is part of the informal clothing of men.The trousers are on the cuffs and are short in length.
On 1900, as a formal dress, men wear casual clothes and usually wear a white shirt when they attend social gatherings and dinners.The formal dress isxa0No tie is incomplete.The white bow tie is the characteristic of the evening dress.
Formal clothing during the day includes a morning dress with a high matchingSingle buckleChest vest.As part of the formal day wear, Ascot tie goes with a dress shirt.Hats are more popular as part of the upper grade clothing.
Top hats are common in other styles such as Homburg hats with dents on the crown.The hat style of the 1900 s also includes a bowler hat, which is rounded on top and made of soft felt.In the summer, people wear straw hats, hats are flat and ribbons on their heads.
Even in historical times, people around the world have been aware of fashion trends.It is a misconception to think that this is a recent trend.Fashion has always dominated the way of life for all.
xa0This will continue.
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