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strappy sports bra should your underwear match your bra? by tiffany hart

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
Most women understand that in terms of clothing, there is a clear color combination that starts with a sense of fashion.Ah, what about the Foundation clothes?Should your underwear match your bra or is it really not that important?
In the face of the question of whether underwear and bra should be matched, most women will automatically say that it should be matched, which is correct.We were taught to match a lot of clothes from an early age.That certainly applies to our underwear, right?Right?Nevertheless, the question is worth considering.After all, who would really know if we were wearing blue panties and black bras at work, assuming there was no romantic adventure?This is a valid question, but you never know when you will be in a position of compromise.That's why your underwear and bra should match in general.
While your underwear should always match, there is still room for expansion in the exact meaning of "match.
Specifically, we can operate with underwear.The classic consideration that the red bra should be paired with the red underpants is not always correct.You can also choose neutral underwear.
The neutral-colored panties also have an added advantage of matching a variety of bras, which means that if you want to save money, you don't have to buy underwear that goes with the bra.As we all know, the price of bras and underwear may be surprisingly different.We all want to save some money these days, so this strategy has a real impact when you shop.
When mixing and matching bras and underpants, there is an area that does get sexually abused by women.While color seems to be the most important aspect, the actual texture of the two base garments is definitely the second factor that matters.You know this instinctively on a major mismatch.You won't wear a sports bra with g-string.The same should be true for other smaller underwear.Similar textures and materials are often better combined.
Matching the color and texture of underwear is a wise rule of thumb for matching clothes.To save a few dollars, consider buying neutral underpants and you can go with a different bra.
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