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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-11
Every woman likes to be pampered.Most importantly, we love it when our men are doing pampering!If you want to win a woman's love, the best way is to make her feel sexy, relaxed and loving.Here are seven for sure.The guarantee that firing you can do for your woman will bring you results.
How about a day at the spa?
Nothing can make a woman feel relaxed and pampered like a day full of depthTissue Massage, mud bath and facial treatments.The Spa tour is a luxury that every woman can enjoy, and if you give her a surprise, you will become a prince in her eyes, especially when the pressure is particularly high, such as holidays or anniversariesBelieve me, she will be so relaxed and nervousAfter you make her a spa day, she will definitely make you feel as good as she is.
How about crazy shopping?
Most women like shopping.Especially if your wife or girlfriend doesn't indulge yourself a lot, crazy shopping will be a very-Thank you for your hospitality.But don't just write a blank check for your girl and send her there.Go with her and be interested in what she bought.Take her to the store she likes, but usually don't buy a lot of things in the store because it's too expensive.Pick the clothes you think will look good on her and compliment her on the outstanding features.Buy her a few things that are completely impractical, such as a lightweight pajamas, instead of a new sports bra, a pair of lace-up sandals, instead of a pair of real shoes, or even if nothing new happens to her.You will make her feel like a princess all day and she will love it.
Give her an emotional dining experience.
Every once in a while anyone will take a girl out for dinner.But an extraordinary person knows the intimate connection between sex and food and how to use it.Don't take her to a fancy place and take her to a place that beautifies the food senses.This is a good hot pot restaurant.Hot pot is a melted cheese sauce where you can dip bread, meat and vegetables.There is also a delicious dessert hot pot where you can dip fruit and candy into a warm melted chocolate sauce.It's a sensory experience to soak anything, so enjoy it!Flirt with her, feed her a little food and encourage her to do the same.When you eat slowly, you will definitely make her have a romantic mood.

Have you ever thought about being naughty?Share your intimate fantasies with your woman and encourage her to share her fantasies.If you have never done this before, start with your gentlest fantasies and let her know that it is safe to share her fantasies with you, she will not be judged.Take her to a shop that sells sex toys and underwear.Ask her leader to buy her anything she is interested in.Listen to what she likes. This will send her a message that you care about her sexual needs and want to learn more about her naughty side.After you buy a bag of new toys, take them home and try each other!

Every woman wants to be swept out.Plan a surprise weekend getaway in a romantic bedand-breakfast.Wake her up on Saturday morning to surprise her, she had breakfast in bed, packed up her suit and asked her to check to make sure you didn't forget anything important.Then let her get on the bus and don't tell her where you're going to make it a complete surprise.Make sure you choose a place that matches her interests and personalitystar-For example, a girl like a hotel, don't plan a surprise backpack trip.

Indeed, women remember that we do as many small things as big things.Try to do a little thing every day to add fuel to her fire.Buy her a scented bubble bath and leave a note in the tub.Surprise her with her favorite candy for no reason.The little things you do are not necessarily expensive, they just need to let her know that you are thinking about her.Give her a warm kiss instead of patting her on the cheek every morning to say goodbye.Send her a lovenote e-Card from work, leave a flower on her pillow for her to find, prepare a fast meal, serve it by candlelight, or wear a beautiful one for her just for this reasonThe little things you do will remain in her memory for a long time.

Nothing can say I love you like a coupon.Use your imagination to give her a coupon for a night movie, a sensory massage or a homemade dinner, and don't be afraid to be sexy!She will like this cheap gift.
It's not necessarily hard to make your woman look and feel good.Some of these skills need to work more than others, so choose the one that suits you.No matter which one you use, the woman in your life will be very excited.
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