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sportswear how to fix snags in dri-fit shirts | ehow.com

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
Dri-Fit is a polyester knit fabric developed by Nike that can evaporate moisture from the skin to the surface.The sportswear made of this fabric allows the wearer to stay dry and comfortable during exercise.When a Dri-It's difficult to fit a shirt, and your first instinct may be to cut loose yarn rings-But this is the worst thing ever.Once the line is cut and the fabric is stretched, the yarn that is cut will be unwound and retracted to form a hole.Instead, use an iron to help get rid of obstacles.

Put your shirt flat on the table with obstacles up.

Level your hand down and open your palm on both sides of the obstacle.

Press down a little and pull the fabric away from the obstacles and move your hand up and down a little on the table.

Move the Palm on both sides of the obstacle vertically.

Repeat Step 3.The loose line should be retreated into the fabric.If not, repeat steps 2 to 5 until it is finished and pull hard every time.

Set the iron on a low setting suitable for polyester fiber.Hold the iron 1/2 from the barrier and press the steam button for 10 seconds.

Press the iron three times in the stuck area for two seconds at a time to seal.
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