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sportswear how to fix a columbia jacket zipper | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
Columbia Sportswear manufactures outdoor clothing and offers a limited lifetime warranty on all its products.Warranty includes defects in the zipper and zipper cable.If the garment has been instructed by the manufacturer and the zipper has not been misused or worn out due to age, it can be replaced during the warranty period.For damage caused by accidents or worn zippers, some repairs can be done to make the zipper look like a new one.This will allow you to wear your favorite Colombian jacket for a few years.
Force the slider to decompress the jacket completely down.Clamp the slider with pliers and push the teeth back to the alignment position if necessary to force the zipper over any cracks.
Use the blade to re-align the curved or misplaced teeth.When using the blade, be careful not to cut the zipper fabric.
Apply silicone lubricant on both sides of the zipper and on the teeth to fix the zipper that does not slide up and down correctly.The slider does not move if the zipper is stuck frequently, which will lubricate the zipper teeth so that they can slide better.Compress and decompress several times to assign the lubricant to hard-to-Reach the area of the teeth.
Repair loose or deteriorated seams with fabric glue or hand stitching, close any holes using matching colored lines.When sewing, sew about 1/4 stitches at each end of the open area.To prevent the new seams from also undoing, the end of the tie.
Repair Torn seams using waterproof seam tape.Tape is placed along the seam, allowing 1/4-There is an inch overlap at each end of the tear.Seal the edge of the tape with a small piece of fabric glue and allow the 24 hour glue to set completely.
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