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sportswear how to clean columbia jackets | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
The Colombian sportswear is first-class.of-the-Outdoor clothing.This AmericaManufacturers offer a range of jackets from waterproof rain jacket to wool insulated winter jacket.When used in hiking, camping and other outdoor activities, the Colombian jacket should be dirty and good.Take the time and patience to take care of the Colombian jacket when you clean it.

Read the care instructions tab for your Columbia jacket before doing anything.In terms of cleaning, there are different requirements for each material.Follow the instructions listed on the jacket for the best results.
For most jackets, Colombia recommends machine washing in warm or cold water.Colombia also recommends the use of "mild, lowSelf-contained xad, laudrey powder detergent."In addition, they urge customers to rinse twice.

Before starting the washing cycle, use the brush to remove the lumps on the dirt from the outside of the jacket.

For dried-On the stain, apply a little mild detergent on the stain and rub it gently.Columbia University advocates the use of detergent such as spray washing, but warns against the use of products containing bleach.

Add detergent to the washing machine.Set the water temperature according to the care instructions of the jacket.Turn on the machine during the leisure cycle and let it run.

Take the jacket out of the washing machine and dry it flat to avoid shrinking.Some Colombian jackets can be put in the dryer when they roll-dry low.However, it is always safer to dry or lay flat.
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