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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-01
Towel cloth is a super thick, soft and absorbent material commonly used for towels and towels.It is also used to make certain garments, including robes and some sportswear.During the manufacturing process, the towel cloth is made like other fabrics, but the pile is formed into a ring hanging away from the base.Towel cloth can be made of cotton or linen, and there are different types of towel cloth fabric to choose from.
The standard towel cloth is made on a machine called Dobby loom made of cotton.On the standard towel cloth, the ring on the fabric protrudes from the base cloth on both sides, making it both soft and absorbent.The disadvantage of the standard towel cloth is that the coil is in a straight line and may become disinterested and leave a deserted place on the fabric.
The French towel cloth is made in the same way as the standard towel cloth.That being said, there are some key differences between France and standard towel cloth.French towel cloth has only a ring on one side of the fabric.The French towel cloth is also flexible, so it is more suitable for more projects than the standard towel cloth.Besides, French towel cloth is mediumto light-Weight fabric so it can be used for sportswear in warm weather.It can be made of bamboo, cotton, artificial silk and mixed with laca or spandex to increase elasticity.
Microwool loops have very fine, tightly woven loops on both sides of the bottom of the fabric.Unlike other types of towel cloth, the micro towel velvet is not made of natural fibers but is made of polyester.It is not particularly easy to absorb, but very soft.Common uses of microwool include blankets and coats.
The knitted towel cloth is similar to the French towel cloth, but the French towel cloth can be knitted or woven.In order to make knitted towel cloth, interlocking rings of one or more strands of yarn are combined together.Having said that, knitted Terry is exactly the same in performance as French terry.Soft, elastic, strong absorption.It is usually made of 100% cotton.However, it can also be made of bamboo, artificial silk, or linen, or increased elasticity along with a Lyca or spandex mixture.
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