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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-02
In fact, running is good for you.Running can give your heart muscles an effective workout, improve blood circulation, help you stay in shape and enhance your bones.However, all runners will know that there is a dark side to running.Oh yes.When you start banging on the sidewalk a lot, the bladder leaks, the runner's run and the bloody nipples are all to look forward.Here we list the issues with the top 10 embarrassing runners.Although it can be embarrassing sometimes, sweat is actually the best friend of runners.Sweating is our natural means of dealing with body temperature;The more we move, the hotter we get, the more we sweat.When you become more trained, you become more effective by sweating to cool your body;well-The trained athletes actually sweat more than the amateur.Runners should make sure they wear the right clothes to help cope with excessive sweating.Cotton is the enemy when it comes to running.1, absorb heat and moisture and keep it attached to your body like a wet rag.A good running dress will keep your body away from the outside world and stay comfortable and dry.9) acne on the upper back, chest and upper arm is common for runners.When you run, the friction of sweat and rubbing clothes can clog your pores and cause ugly spots.Women often experience this situation, with pimples appearing around the skin covered by clothes under a sports bra.The best way to deal with runners acne is to take a shower immediately after running and thoroughly clean the acne prone areas.Make sure you change any sweaty clothes as soon as possible.Sitting by their side will only exacerbate this problem!8) itchy legs are annoying problems common to runners, especially beginners.There are millions of tiny capillaries and arteries in our muscles, and because of the demand for more blood, they expand rapidly during exercise.When appropriate, the capillaries open and allow maximum blood channels, but when you are not active, these blood vessels collapse.The rapid expansion of the capillaries causes the nerves to send the pulses back to the brain, which is interpreted as itching.Very simple, the more you run, the more your itching will fade.No matter what you do, don't scratch!It only makes the itching worse.
When the sweat glands of the runners are blocked or excessive, they usually experience ads for Google's hot rash, prickly, and Miriam rubraStimulation, can not sweat.Rubbing, tight clothes and hot weather can aggravate the rash.Make sure you wear comfortable, running clothes to keep moisture away from your skin and shower as quickly as possible after running to reduce surface temperature.For runners, especially men, the nipple of the jogger is a common problem.Nipples are formed by delicate tissue, and when you run, your clothes rub them, causing irritation, dryness, inflammation and even bleeding.Men are particularly suffering from the nipple of the jogger because they do not have the protection of the sports bra.Wearing the right clothes can help prevent pain in the nipples.Women should protect themselves with a well.Men can use plaster or surgical tape to protect nipples from outside clothing.A barrier cream like Vaseline can also work well.5) when running, there will also be scratches in other parts of the body, especially in the groin or inside the thigh.The most common symptoms of hot pot are painful tingling or burning sensation, and the area is usually red and original.The rule of not wearing cotton while running applies to underwear.Tight synthetic underwear can absorb moisture and prevent friction.Some runners even prefer running without underwear --Anything useful to you!4) click on the joints many people will have click joints when running, as long as there is no pain after clicking, usually there is nothing to worry about.But if you have pain in your click joint, then you may be "uncoordinated" to some extent ".If you have private health insurance, it might be worth it to have your physical therapist look at you, or go to your GP and get a recommendation from the NHS.You may have your feet flat, or one leg longer than the other, which can cause your joints to work inefficiently.Black toenails are a common problem for many runners.If the toes are under pressure from shoes or too tight socks, constant pressure can damage the tissue around the toenailsThe black toenails are caused by a broken bloodshot.When new nails eventually grow, the nails usually fall off.To prevent black toenails, make sure you are wearing the right running shoes, trim your toenails regularly, and wear sweat socks instead of cotton socks.If your toenails are black, leave it alone because it will heal in its own time.However, if you find any redness or infection, go to the doctor.2) leaking urine during running can be embarrassing, but it is actually more common than you think, especially in women.Its official term isIncontinence caused by urination and 30%-40% of women have experienced this situation, which bothers them.Exercise-As women grow older, it is more common to induce urinary incontinence, and more common in women who give birth.Kegel exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and helps with mild bladder leakage.However, anyone concerned about the situation should go to the doctor and the doctor can advise and treat the situation.Some health insurance even provides insurance for private bladder treatment and surgery.1) whatever your name is, diarrhea is a major concern for many runners --About 20 to 50% people suffer from "emergency stool "!The cause of diarrhea among runners is still under debate, but it is thought that running can change gut hormones.The runner's diarrhea usually clears itself within hours to two days of running, but make sure you replace the lost fluid by drinking a lot of water.Your diet can cause problems, but medical problems like irritable bowel syndrome can make things worse.It's worth keeping a food diary and seeing how your diet affects your bowel movements.When all other methods fail, consult your doctor's suit for resistanceLaxatives taken an hour before an important run, such as igerotong.
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