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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-02
Want to run faster and stay more relaxed during training?Here are some tips to help you show the game you want.Before you start, take the time to decide what you want in the game.Is this fitness for a purpose?Or do you think you are competing with others, what is your heart?In the end, your mind will open up to future messages to help you achieve this particular goal.First of all, if you are a healthier runnerIn order to enter the world of competitive running and triathlon, you should focus on two main aspects: order and sports.You need to find reliable sources of information about the huge motivation you have to continue training and the sources of information between the trainings.Good information creates order in the mind while creating the power of the necessary movement.Some of the best information will come from direct contact with other runners, three athletes and coaches.I 've just started collecting the tips below, which will help you start making the training more practical and effective.Food: I used to mix powder sports drink bottles in sports and skip pre-mixed bottles.Drink water in the game all day.Switch between a long period of water and an electrolyte drink to avoid dehydration, which is available at least every hour if you feel you need it or don't need it.Hot: start drinking quickly.Are you starting to see the trend?Even if you don't drink, drink before, during and after training or a game.Wear bright clothes and hats.If you start to feel uncomfortable in order to reduce the intensity and drink plenty of water.Eating and drinking during the game.It's best to wear one more shirt and a warm sweater for each cold one.Increase in ozone: reduce the intensity of training or swimming.Check your heart rate to monitor your heart rate and it's better to run in the morning or late at night.Prevent damage: apply a layer on the legs, inside of the thigh, and Vaseline, which will help to avoid painful blisters.For men, wearing clothes on their nipples is a lifesaver.Pay attention to how your feet feel pain or injury and ice after exercise or hard exercise to prevent further damage.If you do not have a long, slow endurance test, do not do intermittent training.Match day: for the end of the game, it's always slower than you think you really need to save energy.To see the picture of the triathlon "energy pie", it must be shared by all three disciplines.Clothing: Do not try new shoes, food or clothes on the day of the competition.This can lead to injury or discomfort.Skip the cotton socks and put the money in the socks for operation.They will help prevent blisters and help to better regulate body temperature.To avoid friction and discomfort, always wear under protective clothing such as shorts and spandex bras.As you can see, there are a few things to consider during the transition to the race, such as Sydney fun long-distance running.Do not stop if.Exciting adventure, great feelings, yesSometimes it hurts a little.Wait for you.There is a lot of fun, it also exercises your character.
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