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sports bra for running 5 common running injuries -

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-31
The risk of your injury is higher than most people think.If you are not careful while running, you may suffer from a small blister to a knee cap that is completely blown out.
Here are the 5 most common injuries most people suffer while running and how to prevent them from happening.
Blisters are caused by the constant rubbing of your shoes against the skin.They can be anywhere between the toe, the side of the foot, or the heel.They can be infected without treatment, causing some serious discomfort and pain.

Always wear shoes that fit your feet.There is only one pair of shoes on.Too big or too small will cause you to experience blisters occasionally.
Another thing to note here is that your feet sweat when you run.So you have to wear a sock that is long enough on your feet to go through the top of the shoe to avoid blisters on your ankles.
If you start foaming, use the tape-Aid covers the area until it recovers.Let the blisters heal themselves.Don't pop it up because the liquid below helps protect the blisters until the skin below is healed.
The runner's knee is the result of your over-workout on the knee for a period of time (continuous long run), plus you don't allow enough time for the sore muscles around to fully recover.

Stretching is the best way to prevent any physical injury associated with running.Be sure to stretch all your muscles and tendons before you start running.Your muscles should warm up before you run.
Also, do some squats and lunges to build your hamstring, calf and calf as the stronger they are, the less likely you will be to have a runner's knee.
When you over-You may have sore muscles when doing running activities.Muscle pain is caused by a tiny tear in the muscle fibers.

Make sure you warm up your muscles correctly before you start running.Slowly start running, slowly speed up the pace.Another thing you can do is take a hot bath or massage after running to help relieve muscle soreness and promote faster recovery.
When your clothes often rub your skin, causing a rash to form around the area, it causes a scratch.You also get annoyed when you run in the rain.
Some common friction occurs under the bra line (female), under the arm and inside the thigh.

Wear sportswear specially for running.Their seams are flat and not round, which helps to prevent friction.Also, they fit better and don't walk around while you're running.
A crack in the foot is called a crack in the heel.They are caused by dry feet, plus continuous running, which, over time, destroys the skin, causes bleeding, and then infects the surrounding area (for more serious cases)

If you find your feet dry, apply a moisturizer on them.Also try not to wear sandals or open shoes (even if not running) so as not to dry your feet.
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