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sleeveless hoodie How to make your own Earl Hickey & Randy Hickey costumes

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12


.At least their personality is colorful.Their dress style is very generic, which makes Earl and Randy a great choice for easy fun (affordable!) Costumes for Halloween or any other clothing event.
Simple clothes, some props, a lot of attitude, a pair of brothers or friends can become the life of the party like Earl and Randy.


If you have a boy who likes humor, it may be a very interesting costume for Halloween.Earl and Randy are fun and offbeat characters, but they also show a lot of brotherly love at the same time.
These outfits are good for big boys who don't want to make up, put on a mask, or "wear funny.Earl and Randy are manly compared to other outfits.
You can put these clothes together very cheaply.You may already have almost everything you need.

The count is dressed like a typical job.Class male (although he usually does not work!).If you don't already have clothes like him, it's easy to get them from the thrift store.
Here is the "clothing list" required to make the Earl Hickey costume ".
Earl appears most often in plaid flannel shirts.The shirt is usually t-Shirts shown below.
His trousers are mostly blue jeans.
Earl has a slight "big hair" and often looks a bit windyblown.You can imitate him with your own hair, or you can use a wig.
A very important part of the Earl's Hickey costume is his signature beard.It's thick, so use a pencil-Small beard is not recommended.Go ahead and buy a moustache or put other hairy stuff on your upper lip.

Because his clothes are so ordinary, the right props and actions are the key part of making the Earl's Hickey costume.
What you need to do to truly reflect Earl is as follows.
Obviously, Earl's most important item is his sacred list.This is a folded piece of paper he put in his shirt pocket.On paper, he wrote down the numbered list of all the wrong things he had done.This may be a chance to play with clothing.Try to come up with some humorous "sins" to be on your own list!
Earl's face is very nice.Usually, when he thinks about his situation, he shows an expression that implies depth and serious thinking.One of his most famous expressions is a single eyebrow.

If you are photographed in Earl's clothing, be sure to close your eyes.One of the errands on "My Name Is Earl" is that every time Earl takes a picture, his eyes are closed.
Remember that both Earl and Randy have southern accents.
The list!
On "My Name Is Earl", Earl Hickey lists all the bad things he has done.His mission in life is to atone for every bad thing he does.
For a costume party, it might be fun to write down some stupid off-track behavior for Earl's list.
Do you have any ideas to put something interesting on Earl Hickey's "list?

Randy Hickey's clothes are similar to Earl's, simple and working-class.
You may be able to find the clothes you need for Randy's clothing at the thrift store.
Randy usually wears a solid color shirt made of soft material.Like his brother Earl, Randy often wears his shirt and T-shirtHere's the shirt.Sometimes he wears a sleeveless hoodie on a T-shirt.shirt.
He usually wears dark clothes.colored pants.
Randy usually looks like he has a beard for a few days, but he doesn't have a beard.If a young man is making this dress, you can draw some beard.For an adult, don't shave a few days before your costume party.
If you're not as fat as Randy, you might want to wear some padding.

Randy's costume is so inconspicuous that no one will know you're wearing it unless you play the role.
Here's how it works like Randy Hickey.
The most obvious feature of Randy is that he is stupid.When you play Randy's role, you will be most persuasive if you act as if you really don't understand anything complicated or profound.
You should keep a slightly dazed look on your face.
Randy is easily "amazed" and he will be in awe of what he likes.
In general, Randy is not very brave, especially he is afraid of birds.
Most importantly, Randy is loyal to his brother.Most importantly, he wanted to be a part of Count's life and count's activities.So close to your costume partner.
Remember that both Earl and Randy have southern accents.
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