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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-19
As we approached the summer, I began to think about my appearance.How did my body shape not so perfect happen.I started by thinking about the problem and thinking about how to change it.
What I regret, what I am happy about.
Many ideas dance in my mind and I need to play this tune in any meaningful way.But as they say "What won't kill you and make you stronger", I know I need to move forward and learn from the past.I live in wet countries like the UK and have been a little damp lately.
I have no motivation at all.
Somehow my fitness motivation is getting lower and I am looking for excuses to skip classes or go to the gym.I found that on cold days, I could travel by car rather than by bike.I have less exercise and more sweets.I got a little lost and didn't know if it was caused by the weather.
I know one thing for sure.
My body shape is changing every day and it is very obvious that sometimes I am not sure if the reflection in the mirror is really me.Don't get me wrong, I recognized my face and I was lucky to have a slim person but somehow I made my belly look like it was "a little" pregnant.Because I'm going to go to work by bike three times a week (if I follow my lazy thoughts), my legs are the strongest part of my body, but I don't have the strength I used to have in my hands.
I don't feel right, not me .
.....I said "no" to myself and decided I needed to change my mind.I want a plan that works for me.Some of them are routine but flexible.I know what my goal is, just need a way to achieve it.Reading and watching different coaches and coaches, health coaches and motivational speakers, I came up with a simple 5 rule plan.
Its simplicity and universality.
The first rule: Find your sport, I mean the way you burn calories, the sweatshops are social creatures and competitive.Train with someone, friends, siblings, kids, coaches.Since I have an energetic 9 year old, I have someone who starts to challenge.
We decided to start running every non-Unless it rains heavily (but never too much), the school is in the morning.We do yoga before dinner every day and rock climbing every week.When we were working out at home (because we didn't have a kid friendly gym in our city), we came up with a different exercise method, from HITT to cross-30 minutes a day.
Sure, it was tough at first and I wanted to snuggle up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate to watch a movie, but my kid looked at me and his sneakers were on so there was no choice.I am the kind of person who believes in commitment, especially if it is given to a child.Then, day after day, week after week, exercise is our daily work and I like it.
For me, exercise mainly means sweating, it burns unwanted calories, and we need to make sure we don't consume them.It is important to eat healthy food and provide nutrition to our body.As my child liked the idea so much, we decided to exclude junk food from our diet.
We 've had a gluten free diet for over 7 years, but yes, we did eat French fries, pizza, candy, etc ...... And we decided to give up our gluten free diet.Nutritious food for a week, and snacks for yourself on weekends.
We’ve re-Start making protein shakes and baking natural energy bars.I bought some supplements to relieve the digestive system and supplement the necessary vitamins and minerals.The kitchen suddenly became a new playground.
I also try to mix fat burning supplements with protein shakes instead of them...but....I had vitamin juice with Garcia, Cambodia, before working out (you can find your favorite choice here ).After working out, I had a protein shake to help my muscles recover.
It is not easy to lose belly fat within a week, but it is possible to enhance the abdominal muscles and start melting the fat.In any case, stick to the routine of the week and you will find the difference.There is a weekly plan to put all your training there, so if you "want to forget" it, like it wrote down, there is no way to do that.
You will feel stronger and more capable in a short period of time.You will see small results that make you proud of yourself.Appreciate it.Be happy, be positive.Don't stop even if the crime happens.Start, continue.The kids were very competitive, so we wrote down how many push ups we did, sit-ups, jumps, etc.
Every step we notice can actually see progress.Believe me, this is a good feeling.It may sound weird, but you'll have better motivation if you wear new running leggings, great comfy sneakers or never walk through a jumper.Because you have already spent money on that dress, you want to wear them.
The size of the shoes will not change as adults no longer grow, and it is worth investing a little more.It's a strange feeling, but you spend more money and you want to exercise more.Stay in place.Keep track with a pedometer, speedometer or heart rate monitor.
Because the human brain is competitive, we always want to break the record, and there's nothing wrong with that, you know.Rest is also important because it takes time for our bodies to recover.We decided not to exercise on Sunday, but we swam that day.
We went together and had a good time in the water.Children like to play water, Chase and play water balls.Of course, my son and his father always have a small swimming match.
I also like to have longer mediation on that day.I think about my progress, my achievements, my future goals.Six months have passed and I can see a new me.
I spend more time doing things with my children.They are challenged on longer boards or higher wheel racks.We are making it a healthy competition without winning or losing.
My body shape has improved.
I still need to burn stubborn belly fat, but now I know it's possible.I am energetic and sleep better.I am proud of myself and happier.Routine is the key to success.I'm sure you can.Just follow my steps and you will find it not difficult
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