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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-11
So far, the summer vacation is a vague memory, and most employees are looking forward to productive work in the coming year.There are a lot of stylish accessories to help you combine your lookto-Whether you are working in an office or at home, daily necessities.And then all-Important work dress.From choosing what to wear in the office to personalizing a basic outfit,xa0Here are some inspiration for how to playxa0Rest during work weekxa0Style.
Short sleeve dress with cotton linen Horn, $79.90.This dress is simple but flattering in shape and can be matched according to your workplace and dress code.Glasses rack, $265.If you need to wear glasses, this is a spectacular option, stylish as simple.
Madrid handbag at midnight, $649.
A gorgeous leather handbag that can move seamlessly after working dinner and drinks.Keepcup, $32.From the original souvenir manufacturer, there is a limited edition Cork brewing plant, and the Cork belt is purchased and manufactured from the cork waste recovered from the sustainable cork forest and wine industry in Portugal.Color Matte Lipstick, $21.You can really finish your work by sweeping your lipstick gently, which makes you feel elegant.
Eli bomon King watch, $99.
All of a sudden, the time to check the wrist seems to be very old, but why don't you when the watch looks so gorgeous?Local moisturizer, $55.The office is very dehydrated.This smooth cream recipe includes hyaluronic acid to ensure your skin is moist and full, while Rosela oil can soothe and nourish sensitive or dehydrated skin.Gatsby jacket for $969If you are a selfFrankly dress horse, you have a lot of ways to dress for the office and still make bold fashion statements.
Silk Art scarf for $185.
Designed by Australian artist Philip Ayers, this beautiful unisex wool/silk scarf is an easy way to make a monotonous work suit.Classic A4 organizer of Filofax textured leather, $329.95.Remember to write your appointment on paper?Invest in an amazing organizer and your e-organizer will suddenly become rather dull.
Long sleeve shirt cotton wide clothxa0$39.90.The classic check is suitable for everyone and works in an instant visual lift ensemble.$49 Jackson belt.Accessories are the easiest way to make your work clothes more gorgeous, and also allow you to wear basic clothes, but in line with your personal style.
Black boots, $209.
These days, Blunnies are usually synonymous with working on land, and it is smart enough to wear in many workplaces.Chiswick desk lamp, $169.Work from home?In your sportswear?At least you can see this section in your home office
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