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short sleeve sweatshirt Victorian Cross recipient Mark Donaldson reflects on the importance of Anzac Day

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-11
Two Lone Pine men stared at the trenches of the camera, a typical image of Gary Polly surrounded by dirt and sandbags --Large amounts of grass and rough vegetation cover them, providing a false sense of protection.At an intersection, a man stands on trousers, shirts, and short sleeves with straps on them.His rifle was a tilted stick and a long bayonet slightly covered his face.
Another man, one knee seems to be posing.
Shorts, shirts, rolled up sleeves, ready for things that might come.His rifle is ready with a bayonet.Both look very ordinary, ready to survive, ready to fight, and wear slouchy hats.We don't know what they did.If they survive, if they die?What stimulated them to face the unknown emotions.
..Do this again and again.
We tell our young Australians that this is the spirit of the new Australian legion, but it may be more than that.There will be nearly 4000,000 casualties on the Gallipoli Peninsula.36,141 young Australian and New Zealand people from Britain, France and the Ottoman Empire, as well as thousands others.
Beaches, ridges, ditches and mud sli are always recorded in our history, even on the Western Front.Shaping the battle of how we as nations behave in global wars-The scale measured by the sacrifice of "ordinary" Australians.Walter Downing in Wells.Bretonneux was in 1918.The moon fell behind the clouds.There was a house burning in the town, and an ominous light was sent out at the scene.
It's past midnight.
"Today is the Australian New Legion Day," people muttered, smiling at each other and being enlivened by omens.Come on, our men go straight to the gun of the machine.Guns, it's no trouble to take them away from the flank.
No quarter on either side.
..Australians killed and killed.
Bayonets pass easily through gray-clad bodies...Charlie Stoke won an outstanding medal of conduct for his efforts that day.But he was also haunted by them.In his later life, he confided to his children the secret of his public crying after he recaptured the villagers --Bretonneux saw what he did.
Perhaps, when combined with the extreme environment, all ordinary people have the ability to do extraordinary things --To fight harder, to go further, dig deeper, and continue to move forward despite the overwhelming odds, and to take care of the injured partner, whether it is personal imposed or dangerous --Even if it means death.It is a spirit worthy of respect, praise and hard work.This is the human spirit.Spirit of Australian New LegionA spirit that spans generations, defines the meaning of partnership, and drives us to become stronger than we thought.
Like Kevin Dashir Whitley of Vietnam, he risked his life to rescue a young girl who was arrested in the arms fire and gave her life.Ron Swanton was seriously injured in his last operation.Dashir refused to leave his side, armed himself with two grenades and stayed with him because he knew he would be killed while defending his partner.
It is courage and friendship.
For this reason, he was awarded the Victoria Cross.And then Keith Payne.He was isolated, surrounded on three sides, injured in both hands and arms, and under heavy artillery fire, he covered the withdrawal before organizing the is troops to enter the defense range.He then spent three hours relentlessly searching for isolated and wounded soldiers on the battlefield, avoiding constantly harassing enemies.
Keith found, organized and rescued about 40 men.When asked if he was afraid, Payne replied, "My God, yes, yes, I am ".He was awarded the Victoria Cross.These are the actions and inspirations that we rely on in times of crisis and difficulty, and the inspiration to cultivate our own spirit.
We all feel fear in our lives, but we must try not to give in to it.Eastern --Even the bravest are afraid.We respect their sacrifices, respect others, enjoy freedom, and inspire others to build a better Australia, a stronger New Australian Legion spirit.We should try to make these sacrifices worthwhile for us.
The Australian War Memorial is built on a promise.It is our country's responsibility to uphold it.It is not only a commitment to the individual, but also a commitment to the individual.
Those who serve in the past, serve today, and serve in the future.This place reminds those who wear our uniforms that we care about them and that we thank them for their sacrifices on top of themselves.We have a place to reflect on and we will never forget.
Even one of them.
I urge young people to visit, learn and be inspired by these actions.Look at the age of those who have gone, stood up, and sinned.They're as big as you.If not younger.What we commemorate today, and the brave and brave actions we commemorate, are carried out by young men and women.
However, service and sacrifice bring a sobering reality.A famous, amazing feat could also be the worst day of another person's life.The day they never leave againTalked again.
Or never go home.
Remember all these sacrifices today and every day.Those who suffer and those who continue to do so continue to fight.Today, it's not just in battle, it's supporting others.
Those who are now supported by othersThose who rely on this spirit now.We will never forget the experience and dedication of the new Australian Legion in Gallipoli.In the words of Cyril Bassett VC, inspired by sacrifice and spirit, the New Zealanders do not think it is to impact machine guns or to save the wounded.
His citation reads, "under continuous heavy machine guns and rifle shots, he has succeeded in laying a telephone line from the old to the new.He had to climb into no-The land of man, to recover the ends of separation and to repair them, without shelter or covering fire, faceOn Earth.Of the 760 men, 711 were killed and wounded.
"I have a lot to thank.
I don't want to ski if I'm not lucky.
When I won the medal, I was disappointed to find that I was the only New Zealander to win the medal from Gary Polly.Because hundreds of people came from Gary Polly.Because there should be hundreds of Victoria Crosses there.
All my companions have a wooden cross.
Lest we forget.
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