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short sleeve sweatshirt Praties Store robbery under investigation by Tasmania Police

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-11
Bellerive's CIB is investigating an alleged robbery that occurred around three o'clock P.M. on Monday, December 5, behind the Rosny Praties store.Police saidxa0When a woman walked in the area behind the Praties store, the man approached her and he grabbed a jacket she had with her and an undisclosed cash.
In the incident, the man verbally threatened to hurt the woman, but she was not hurt.The man is described as 170 cm tall, in his 30 s, a Caucasian with a blue or black handkerchief on his face and a blue short sleeve t-Shirts and trousers.The man was driving a blue car, which police say could be after 90 s.
The last time I saw the car was leaving the parking lot on Bayfield Street and then on Cambridge Road.On 1800, anyone who sees a square blue sedan or any suspicious activity in the area should contact the criminal stopper 333 anonymously
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