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short sleeve sweatshirt Men impersonate police officers before bashing and robbing mother

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-11
WHEN a 21-year-On Friday night, the woman of laowaga saw red and blue flash lights on the car dashboard behind her, and she parked, thinking it was a police officer.Instead, she was beaten and robbed by two men in police costumes --Their black Ford sedan comes with a dash light.Young lady driving a silver Hyundiaxa0Elantexa0Travel along Inglewood Road with hermonth-Old son around 845 p.
xa0When the light behind her began to flash.She stopped the car and the two men came out of the car and asked the woman to hand over her driver's license and told her they were going to search her car.The woman began to suspect the couple and challenged two men, who then attacked her, stole her wallet and drove away, police said.
She was slightly injured in the quarrel.
Police have released a description of the two men they think "might help investigate" and have urged anyone with information about the incident to come forward."The skin color of one of the men is described as dark, about 180185 cm high in the middle of himA statement from the new state police said."He was wearing blue cargo pants, a short-sleeved shirt, a hat described as similar to the antron (formal) police hat, with the torch in his hand.
"The second person is described as a person of medium size, with a completeGrow a beard and shave your head.He was wearing dark cargo pants and light-colored shorts.Sleeve shirt without hat
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