running tights for ladies Title Nine Sports sprints ahead

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running tights for ladies Title Nine Sports sprints ahead
1996-12-PDT, emmerville, California 04:00:00-EMERYVILLE -There is a controlled atmosphere of confusion in the nine sports offices.Sports posters and photos are scattered on the wall;A small sign at the bottom of the stairs says the one on the right --The hand side of the step is "in the Box of Box ".A surfboard hangs on the ceiling, a basketball stand hangs on the buyer's desk, and a pair of black Old Lace --Skates-the out-of-line kind -Hang on the wall.At the front desk of the catalogue company's ventilation, the customer service representative often jumps out of the phone to view the wool tops and running tights hanging on the shelf against the wall.In an attic upstairs, Renee Jacobs, founder and head of the company and partner of Missy Park, hosted the hustle and bustle."It's confusing, but I set the tone," Park said ."."It's not fun for me if it doesn't change."There is no doubt that the energy of the park is filled in this place.A former college basketball and hockey player, who founded the Women's Sports Equipment Catalogue in her garage seven years ago, has seen her company rise steadily as the market grows.She said sales are doubling every year, and employees are joining at about the same rate: a year and a half ago, when title 9 entered its Emmeryville office, there were only a dozen people on board the company;There are nearly 50 employees today.After graduating from college, Parker went through a seriesYear after year performance of North Face and Gary Fisher bikeFrustrated by her slow move in other companiesShe decided to start her own business."I'm just very impatient," she said .""I think I can run better and they didn't give me a chance at the age of 25."She chose the right business at the right time.Although the niche market for women's sports equipment has existed for decades, the business has taken off in the past few years, as more and more mainstream sports equipment and clothing companies target and design for female customers.Today, the business of title 9 and industry is booming.Daryn Eller, senior editor for Women's Sports and Fitness, said the magazine's recently completed Guide for Women gear buyers was almost impossible a few years ago."I think it's a good sign that we can fill the entire magazine with women's products," she notes .".Most business people believe that the overall concept of the women's sporting goods market can be traced back to the invention of the sports bra about 20 years ago.While several companies made sportswear for women at the time, the product line at that time was mainly clothing: the sports bra marked the first time that product developers recognized women's demand for different devices.When joggers and costume designer Hinda Miller sewn a pair of men's breast guards together to make a bra that is more supportive of her, she did not intend to change the sporting goods market --She just wants to relieve the physical pain that running brings to her partner and herself.But when their friends started asking for copies, two women formed the Jogbra company, assembled more than 400 units, and began selling them to small running stores that have sprung up across the country, to support the fitness boom.But nearly two decades later, Miller said her prototypeA little delicate-It is available at both the Smithsonian Museum and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.Jogbra was acquired by clothing manufacturer Champion productsThe market is filled with products designed for women.*Emeryville-A whole column of female sleeping bags, narrow shoulders, wide hips and extra insulation on the feet were made based on the design of Sierra;The company said sales of the bags, which were launched about two years ago, were almost flat with men's bags.* Terry precision bike for women's company, a 10-year-Old company based outside Rochester, New YorkY.Not only produce smaller-Framed bike, also a popular female bike saddle, has been reworked to include a wider base and gelfilled noses.Founder Georgena Terry says while the company sells about 1,200 bicycles a yearThe average price is $900-Nearly 60,000 of female saddles are sold each year.* Snowboard companies have also seized the possibility of the market, with manufacturers from Sims to Palmer offering boards with narrower width, greater bending, clearer center curvature to facilitate lighter turnsProbably female.riders.In ninth place, the business is good, and plans for retail stores are underway, although Park says she is stepping on the brakes for the overall growth of 1997."It's easy from 13,000 to 26,000," she said ."."It's a little difficult when the numbers get bigger.She said: "There are 15,000 participants in the first catalogue of title 9;Today the company ships 5 million ships a year.The mail-The order business is reasonably controllable, Park said."If we put a certain number of directories in the mail, we know how much business we will get."The reason for the growth of the female market is predictably related to the increase in the number of female athletes.1972 Chapter 9 of the Education Amendment prohibits gender discrimination in any program --Sports or other-Provided by a federal-funded educational institution.About 25 years later, a whole generation of young women grew up with sports and created a group of buyers who were ready and demanding and felt they were entitled to their products.On top of that, the aging baby boomers are part of the initial run boom and you have a pretty big shortageserved market.Ten years ago, one of the 27 women participated in sports, said Maria Stefan, executive vice president of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.That's 1/3 today.Given the declining growth rate across the outdoor sector, the women's sporting goods market has become particularly attractive.Stefan said sportswear was released twice in the 1980 s.There is a digital growth rate every year;However, the overall growth rate has been close to 5% over the past five years.However, women's purchases are still growing rapidly: from 1994 to 1995, women's purchases in the sportswear category increased by more than 10%."I think manufacturers and retailers are finally waking up," said Shirley Hale Young, senior analyst at Hambrecht & Quist, who tracks the outdoor activity market."Most of the purchases are made by women, and half of the outdoor activities are done by women....However, if you look at the design of the market for women, it doesn't have at allpenetrated."While in terms of women's sports and fitness, Eller believes there are some very effective business reasons for opening up the women's market, she quickly noted, the increase in the number of women's products also reflects the increasing number of women in the sporting goods industry."Many products for women are inspired by women," she said .".It's like we said, "if no one will give it to us, we will do it ourselves."Park Geun-hye herself laughed at her idea of making this growth area a strategic goal."I wish I could tell you that this is my grand vision, this is the right time for me to get into the right business, this is just a trick for marketing genius."In fact, it's more like luck," she said.She wants to sell the products she likes.This means the products of sports, active women.She admitted that her first catalogue was almost embarrassing.guided."I just put in what I want," she said now .".Because she doesn't need a sports bra herself, she has almost no sports bra and when a friend points out that she doesn't have a sports braShirt in line"People don't need tops," she replied.They get all the free shirts from all these races."Today, buyer Alice Lee carefully selected the product, and she both chose the existing product and worked with regular suppliers to develop new products such as CoolMax underwear.The product passes through the staff of Title IX, the vast majority of which are women and the vast majority are athletes: Employees are expected to wear and test samples of current and future goods, so they can answer the question and find the problem before the product goes to the catalog page, such as a defective zipper or bleeding color."If you don't exercise, you won't get a lot of cool things to work here," Park said ." Benefits such as employee discounts, employee rafting and ski trips are canceled.At the same time, she pointed out that part of the definition of her staff is job description: anyone who answers the phone must be a woman, the premise is that female customers and men will not be so comfortable talking about the anatomical advantages of female bicycle seats.<
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