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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-24
Fashionable clothes, fashionable cars, fashionable furniture, fashionable hairstyles ...... Think about it, it's not easy to keep up to date with the trends: you need to keep up to date and track them fast enough.Are you sure you need these?There are so many magazines and websites filled with tips on how to keep voguish, and many people don't even ask themselves the question: they will either follow the trend as much as possible, it will either be a pity to give up the game-but not a desire.
However, once you take some time to analyze all aspects of the matter, this fashion contest may lose traction.The most obvious downside is the pressure it puts on your budget.Fashion is short by definitionThe new way of life leads to the rapid obsolescence of the old way of life.
From a financial point of view, the recursive process to keep up with the latest trends is rather wasteful.This is even impossible unless you're rich-it's OK to update your wardrobe occasionally, but imagine changing furniture several times a year to respond to the style of each season.What about creativity?What about creativity, need to stand out and be yourself?If you just go with the flow, there is not much room for this kind of thing.
All you do is adopt a pattern set by others who may not have anything in common with your personality.Some people worry that they may be considered backward if they don't keep up with the latest trends.In fact, fashion is widely reportedRelated Topics on magazines, TV and the Internet may leave the impression that everyone is interested in staying calm and fashionable.
In reality, however, most people care too much about their daily problems and they don't even know what is internal and what is external.In other words, you shouldn't focus too much on tracking trends.Whether it's clothing, interior or accessories, the trend is not a necessity.
You create demand for them;You really don't need them.You may feel better, less restraint, save more money, just be yourself, do what you can afford, and do what makes you feel comfortable.If you are one of the many people who love shoes, have a shoe schedule and save more money, but you are forced to keep your budget tight or your income thin, then when you go shopping, you will certainly be surprised;Shoes are probably one of the most expensive items in your wardrobe.
However, this is an area where you can splurge reasonably;While shoes are usually one of the most expensive items, they have a much longer life span than other items like shirts and shirts, and can be worn regularly.The best solution to this potential budget problem is to create a "shoe Schedule ".\ "When you are sure your old shoes are no longer available, set a scheduled time to buy a new pair of shoes.
This will dampen the trend of buying new couples because of fashion trends, or just because you "like."There is a timetable for shoes and stick to it and you won't overspend on them, which is easy to do.You will then make the purchase as needed rather than the need for frivolous and save more money.
Even if it is necessary to stick to it, you should still buy it three times a year based on the different styles you may need;An informal pair of running shoes, for example;A pair of shoes;Maybe you can wear a pair of sandals in summer.Keep your shoes budget, be keen on the style and color of the clothes you wear most often, and pick shoes that match most of your wardrobes.Choose colors such as black, white, and cream color, as these colors apply to almost any type of clothing.
For women, using these simple colors will not cause problems with your other outfits, such as wallets;If you choose a pair of colored shoes, you will most likely need to buy a new wallet and other accessories to match, which will definitely be out of your budget!
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