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running bottoms for ladies Society bruised by effect of abortions

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-19
With the woman who explained that she was pregnant at the age of 18 and was told that her life was destroyed?These ads have been on Ontario television for the past few months, revealing in a frank and happy voice how things have developed in this real-life teenage pregnancy story."Now, with a college degree and four beautiful children, I know that I have not changed my life and have not given up my dream to have them --They became part of their dreams.I want my degree. I want my baby.and I got both.I 've seen some strong opposition ads on Facebook, including banning these "mean ads," and I know there are two complainants who filed a complaint to one of the stations, but I don't understand what offended a woman who chose to continue her pregnancy, a woman who chose to lead to a beautiful family.
This reaction is certainly a kind of harm to the society caused by about 100,000 miscarriages per year in Australia.A society that desperately tries to prove simple, easy and risky --When a woman is vulnerable, this free procedure is often carried out under coercion, which leaves a constant emotional trauma to many people.Jayman Grier, a feminist mother, described abortion as a painful and humiliating procedure and treated it as a privilege.
How dare we "humiliate" women who may have an abortion!How dare a pro-A life group like Emily's voice "guilty" of women's reproductive choices for them!If abortion is a good choice, as supported by countless abortion advocates, then why do women feel guilty and ashamed?If another woman chooses to keep her child, what is it for them?Perhaps abortion is not as liberating and empowering as it describes it.Perhaps all advertisements featuring babies should be banned.Ads for baby productsThe babies smiled at their mother, and the camera amplified the lovely laughter and the bare little ass.
Of course, these are also unpleasant for those who make other choices.I think of other painful realities.Cancer and road deaths, for example.In this case, do we object to the act of aggression chosen to educate people?Choose not to smoke.Select speed ".Choose not to drink-drive.We don't object because most of us know directly about the trauma caused by cancer or car accidents to lose someone.
One out of every three women will have an abortion in their lifetime.Among the other options for women, this number is a bit low in education.Guilt and shame usually come from deep inside.
Faith or knowledge of truth.
They are connected with conscience and control us.You can't force people to feel guilty.Guilt is the result of our own moral standards.For example, you can't make me feel guilty for ignoring the housework, because deep down in my heart, I know there's nothing wrong with it.
On Wednesday, the Legislative Council will begin a debate on the Reproductive Health Act.Don't be deceived-This legislation will not deprive crime and shame.Only God can do this (John 1:9 )-He did so with open arms.
No condemnation, only love.
There is another motto in the Bible: "Everything is allowed, but not everything is beneficial."(Corinthians 10: 23-Strong protests of guilt and shame sent out loud and clear messages about abortion --This may be allowed, but it is not beneficial.Our legislators need to work for the best interests of society.
We know that abortion is bad for babies, but not for women and families.-Claire van Ryn wrote in her blogwordpress
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