royal blue running pants 'The Great Gatsby' a dapper, dressy affair

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royal blue running pants \'The Great Gatsby\' a dapper, dressy affair
(L-Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby and Toby Maguire as Nick Caraway of Warner Bros.Film and country roadshow, film The Great Gatsby, Warner Brothers.Picture release.Photo of Mary Allen Mark Hills (L -)Leonardo DiCaprio plays Jay Gatsby and Toby Maguire as Nick Caraway of Warner Bros.Film and country roadshow, film The Great Gatsby, Warner Brothers.Picture release.Pictures from Mary Allen Mark les took out a bunch of shirts and started throwing pure linen, thick silk and fine cashmere shirts one by one in front of us...Striped and reel shirts with coral and applesGreen, lavender, light orange, Indian blue single Gram.Suddenly Daisy put her head into her shirt in a tense voice and began to cry."The shirt is beautiful," she said, sobbing.-"The Great Gatsby" when Jay Gatsby tried desperately to get her back, he threw his clothes at his lost Estée, which was just the costume Center character in "The Great Gatsby"Scott fitzgerrard's 1925 novelsA simple way for Gatsby to collapse New York societyGet Daisy's attention.It is elegant clothing that imitates rich people and privileged classes.He boasted about British shopping and sent him "select items at the beginning of each season" as he knew that ordering suits abroad was the latest fashion.With such a wealth of visual material, it's no surprise that filmmakers keep coming back to it.The seventh film, based on The Great Gatsby, will be released on Friday, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Carey Mulligan as Gatsby and Daisy.Directed by buzz Luman, love his films Romeo and Juliet and Moulin Rouge!His wife, Catherine Martin, designed the costume.Over the past few years, Martin has been immersed in the coffers of Prada and Brooks Brothers.Tiffany & CompanyFind authentic designs worth redesigningcreated.The controversial decision to make the new "Gatsby" in 3-D -Some people think this is at the heart of a private story --At least make sure every little detail of the wardrobe and jewelry jumps out.Even before the film was made, the main fashion designer was referring to 1920.Ralph Lauren's 2012 spring line is a trip along memory lane.In the early days of his career, Lauren designed men's clothing for 1974 "Great Gatsby" and you can see traces of Robert Redford's iconic three-piece cream setLauren's recent collection of suits.His recent satin party gown in blue, pink and yellow crayons was enough to be part of Gatsby's endless revelry.In the same season, Gucci showed architectural-inspired blue, white and gold-colored beading bezel dresses, shouting quite loudly at the basic patterns of Art Deco design.This series is called hard decoration if anyone misses this.Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, and many others found defects in decorative styles in 2012 and are interested in metal materialsThe waist profile and accessories of the jazz age showed no signs of weakening.Fitzgerrard himself is a bit like a playboy, and he understands how the right cut of the jacket is made to be a man.He's a loyal Brooks brother.He even asked them to make a tailor for his military uniform.In Fitzgerald's first novel, This Side of Heaven, the mother of the protagonist, Amory Blain, told him: "You have to go to Brooke and buy some very beautiful suits."Fitzgerald himself influenced the day's actions, emotions and thoughts through his writing, and of course through his lifestyle.He is very popular, "said La Lonnie Lehman, a fashion historian at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, who is also the author of The Great Gatsby era fashion.The "new fashion associated with 1920" began at the end of World War I."Young people are so frustrated and disappointed with this war that they are ready for change and they have triggered a lot of this," said Lehman .".The emergence of prohibition and Jazz also had a "big impact "."Baffle dresses are the first to feature sports, and their loose skirts allow women to easily get in and out of the car and dance to the fullest.Filzgerrard's wife, Zelda, stuffed the wardrobe.Due to the lack of Scott's brand loyalty, she bought it from a number of top designers.Her dress is considered a source of inspiration for Daisy, especially one that Fitzgerald picked out in Gatsby because of its "two rows of brass buttons shining in the Sunset "."Women are exposed from their knees, arms and calves, and some clothes fall in their back," Lehman said ."."What a change!But the breasts are still covered.The early version of The Great Gatsby has proven to be a springboard costume designer, thus driving the 1949-piece Alan Rand, who wears the head, and becoming the best industry.Theoni V.Aldredge won an Oscar in 1974 films starring Redford.Despite winning her award, Aldredge was unhappy because her relationship with Lauren was controversial and she felt Lauren was trying to win all the honors.The clothes of the 1920 s were "so beautiful that it was a dream to be able to create them again," said nikolata Masson, who put on clothes for Mira sovino, paul Rudd and Toby Stephens (son of Maggie Smith) play Gatsby in a 1990 TV movie.She only uses natural fabrics and is very picky about them."Silk is the silk of China, not the fabric of today.This is a kind of silk that really moves with the wearer.I prefer a dynamic dress.Italian designer Miuccia Prada teamed up with Martin to design female fashion for the latest Gatsby, deliberately bringing contemporary impact and co-existing with the 1920 style.Royal BlueStriped sequins dress with plastic folds inspired by Prada's 2011 spring designSummer series.Other dresses are set with real Swarovski crystals (288,000 of them, to be exact ).Daisy's silver dress with stripes and rhinestones on the corset hints at wealth, as does Gatsby's gold tie.Information Sheet for upcoming 3-D. film has 2,291 men's formal and Japanese suits.Many of the designs were designed by the Brooks Brothers.About 1920 seconds, re-made with the same fabric.For example, a tuxedo vest is made of vintage silk with a floral cloth pattern.(New member of Brooks BrothersThe retail series inspired by Gatsby has several items."De resistance" is Gatsby's shiny pink suit with white pinstripes running through it.You can imagine Gatsby who likes to call men "old sports" pronounced pink."It's not until the middleIn his 20 s, men began to wear a sports coat with independent trousers instead of a traditional suit."This innovation is called 'Strange pants, '" said Lehman '.""It turned out to be a more casual way of dressing, and the idea that the top and bottom don't always match.Toby Maguire, who plays Gatsby's confidant Nick, is wearing a contrasting brown vest separated under the cream --Colorful suit and wide shawlneck bottle-Green cardigan and bow tie rolled in white and red.Men's sweaters have just become popular.Bowling is favored by the privileged class, and almost all actors are dressed in navy, burgundy, gold and black colors.The film lacks some details.Robert Brian, author of American fashion men's wear, grabbed Nick of Maguire, who hid his bow tie under the collar of his shirt, something that could not have been done.Brian was upset with last year's women's daily, and Gatsby's suit looked so much like today's, with no cuffs and narrow lapels.Tiffany & Co.According to the design in 1920, a series of jewelry was produced in cooperation with filmmakers.Some of them were sold in a special Gatsby collection, which held a lavish dance in a huge blue box at Rockefeller Center in April 18.The influence of decorative art is evident in the bold color, geometry and luxury of many works.Deco began in France in its 1920 s, enabling wealthy Americans to replicate the look in their accessories.Mulligan's Daisy attended a party with a headwear, a popular trend as it highlighted the hair they had just cut, with little change when they danced.Daisy's headwear is made of platinum diamonds and freshwater cultured pearls, inspired by a detachable feather brooch unearthed from the Tiffany archives in India.During this period, layered jewelry was popular.So-The so-called handmade jewelry is very popular.Daisy's is made up of a piece of jewelry.A medal with a chrysanthemum pattern, worn on the wrist, secured by a cultured pearl bracelet and a ring on the finger.Gatsby shows a custom movement.Make a silver ring with Daisy signet and sterling silver cufflinks and name it after the initials of the Art Decolike design.Like his unique clothes, the jewelry announces to the people who he is.He's bigger than life, now in 3-D.San Francisco Chronicle film reporter Ruthe Stein.E-Postage: style @ sfchronicle.
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