retro sweatshirt how to cut a crew neck sweatshirt | ehow

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-18
The crew neck sweatshirt is cheap, easy to find and comfortable.They are not fashionable things.However, there are several wellsPlacing snipes and adding vests below, you can swing the 1980 s "Flashdance" style with those who spend too much money on designer vintage jerseys.Cut the base tape of the jersey.You want to roll it up.This happens naturally after washing, or you can force the problem to happen by stretching it a little.
For a shorter jersey, cut off more straps in addition to the straps at the bottom, but you might want to use a tape measure to make sure the cut is even.Measure 2 inch from the top of the shoulder seam and make a mark.From shoulder marking to the underarm of the sleeves on both sides of the sleeve.
Measure 3 inch down from the neck of the jersey.Mark every 3 to 4 inch, then cut, try to hit those marks and mirror the shape of the neck.Wash the jersey and stretch and relax the fabric.
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