red sweatshirt Tuesday Morning News Roundup

by: INGOR     2019-08-21
red sweatshirt Tuesday Morning News Roundup
Two directions on Highway 12, westbound, Fairfield, followed police investigations into a major-According to police officials, there was a traffic accident on Tuesday morning.The two-A vehicle collision occurred around 12: 48.m.-According to the California Highway PatrolAt the intersection of the highway with Baker Avenue Sgt.Said Nicholas McDowell.A man was transported in a car to the invacaville Kaiser medical center. the injury was considered life.Two men in an suv were transported to the North Bay Medical Center.McDowell said the cause of the collision is under investigation and it is not yet known whether the drug or alcohol is a factor.As of 3:30 a.m.It is estimated when the lane will open and police advise drivers to avoid the area.No further information is available.A spokesman for the Napa County sheriff said Monday that investigators were reviewing photos taken by a deputy's body camera, who opened fire late Sunday night near a village road in Napa County.So far, the suspect has only been identified as a person, sitting in his car, 1100 block, Henry Road, about two miles southwest of Napa, at about 11.m.A sheriff's deputy drove past on Sunday.A spokesman for the Napa County Sheriff, Henry Warford, said the suspect first shot the deputy sheriff from his car.The deputy shot and killed the suspect, said Waterford.The deputy was not physically hurt.She has been granted administrative permission.The investigation is still in its early stages, and vodford said his department may not release more information about the shooting by Wednesday afternoon.A two-Firefighters reported a serious fire at a house near Panhandle in San Francisco on Monday afternoon.The fire began shortly before 4 p.m.Page 1216 in St.Depart from Buena Vista Park.Most of the damage occurred on the top (three) floor of the building.Firefighters said on social media that no one was injured, but 17 people were displaced and the American Red Cross was helping them find shelter.Although the house in this neighborhood is very close, firefighters stop the flames from spreading to other buildings.The cause of the fire is under investigation.Novato City and California Highway Patrol officials said Monday that two west lanes of Interstate 37 lie between Andu Atherton Avenue.S.Novato's Highway 101 will continue to be closed in the near future, and one of the two east lanes will also be closed.The dam repair work near Highway 37 in Marin County is still under construction.The California Highway Patrol said the broken dam flooded the highway.The flood also damaged a northwest Pacific railway leading to Highway 37.Only the track to temporarily stop the service.There is no expected time for the lane to reopen.At the same time, the Center for Health Protection recommends alternative routes.With information on the local road conditions and events, the visiantioch police released two sketches of the artist's work on Monday, August.One person was killed and one was injured.Police say a video obtained from Sommersville Roya gas station shows the apartment building, 2200 block from St. Joseph's AvenueSilver Dodge Charger, black racing stripe, one of the suspects police think 19 people have been killedyear-Old Anthony Singh of VallejoPolice believe suspectsWearing a red jersey with a yellow figure on the frontWaiting for Singh's car to pass the gas station, then follow him and follow him to the apartment building.Singh was killed in the early days, and another person was injured.Shooting in the morning at the parking lot of San Jose Avenue apartment building.Found Singh's body in his car.Another person was found dead near the parking lot.San Mateo County officials say two mountain lion cubs were found on Monday on the Half Moon Bay Trail between Yang Beach in Half Moon Bay and the Ritz-Carlton.No more specific information was given about their location on the trail, and State Department Fish and Wildlife officials asked the public to stay away from the trail in the near future.On Monday along the trail saw two young mountain lions seen Sunday night near the center of Half Moon Bay.There is no official statement as to whether the two on Sunday night could be found on the trail on Monday.On Sunday night, near Sanborn County Park west of Saratoga, two young men disappeared before the temperature became dangerous and cold.The hikers asked for help around 7: 30.m.The Santa Clara Cuti Fire Department and Santa Clara County sheriff's office were sent to the skyline Avenue and the Black Road area.With the assistance of Cal Fire, Santa Cruz County firefighters and Santa Clara County Park staff searched the Skyline Trail, John Nicholas trail, and parts of the area around the ranch Lake reservoir.Just before 9.m.The couple were found on Sanborn Road, near theLake Ranch Road access.Fire officials said they were not injured but were assessed as exposing the elements and released to their parents.Authorities have warned that recent rains have made the trail dangerous and that low temperatures have increased the risk of exposure.Pacific Gas and Power Company staff are working to restore power supplies to nearly 3,500 customers without electricity early Tuesday morning.The first reported power outage was around 1: 51 in the morning.m.According to J.D.Guidi.As of 2:30 a.m.In central Vallejo, 3,451 customers were affected.The reason is under investigation and it is estimated that there is no time to restore power, Guidi said.All rights reserved©Gulf City News Limited 2019Re-publication, replay or any other re-use without express written consent of Gulf City News prohibited.
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