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red and black sweatshirt You Want to Wear That?!

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-08-12

It started surprisingly early.Struggle for independence and selfexpression.It starts with the first wax drawing on the wall of the bedroom, or with the first curse word (you even have a swear jar to prevent this from happening ).However, to shape a child's identity, there is never a more obvious struggle than wearing clothes.
From the day they learn to dress themselves up, they test your limits and the limits of fashion, try to be themselves and show the world who they are, even if the world is made up of only their houses and daycare.
Three years for you.The old daughter who insists on wearing the same pink dress every day (after all, this is her favorite), no matter how dirty it is, how dirty it is, and don't mind the fact that it is already too small.Or your four years.The old son insists the Batman costume is the perfect one to wear beforeSchool picture dayYoung children feel the need to express themselves through their clothing choices.Normally this would be a strange thing and it wouldn't match.Once my daughter wanted to wear a beautiful red and white dress with a blue jersey and a pair of bright green sandals.It was 85 degrees outside and obviously didn't need a jersey, trust me, it looked silly when she put her dress on it!!!She thinks she's beautiful!How can I refute it?Because she didn't go out that day, I told her to wear it if she wanted to, but she had to take off her sweater if she wanted to go out.
If it's parked there.Life is so simple.The children went through several stages.It\'s normal.Unfortunately, self is neededExpression is not a stage.This is part of growth and part of the child's search for his or her identity.It may not always be interesting, or it may end up arguing, but it's part of growing up, and as a parent, it's just another part of the job.

While fashion choices for kids are fun and annoying at times, as the kids grow older, this choice is usually a comprehensive one from fun to frustratingout battle.Yes, I'm talking about teenagers!
As children grow up and become nightmare creatures known as teenagers, the struggle for independence and identity reaches a new level.Children in their teens think they have grown up and they want to be seen.They feel they have the ability to make all kinds of important decisions and they are struggling with the authority that you have long controlled them.In just a few short years they will be adults and they will have to make all the decisions for themselves.Teenagers are a way to test these waters, learn more about who they are and test their limits.This extends into their fashion in a more meaningful way than ever before.
Like I said, teenagers feel like they grow up.They want to be seen like this.So, your 13 years.The old daughter may decide that it is entirely OK to wear a miniature dress.Mini shirt and low chest shirt.So-and-So this week's celebrities wore something similar on the cover of Teen magazine.She may decide to dye her hair golden or apply crazy colored stripes to her hair.
Your 16 year-The son may decide that he likes to wear eye masks and black nail polish.Why not?The man on the Idol did it!He is 26 years old and a rock star. it doesn't matter.The restriction of promoting gender barriers is another common way for young people to express themselves.
I can continue.From ravers, kids in the scene, goth, punk, lascivious clothes you can imagine (check out Miley Cyrus recently ).From tattoos, to holes, to some other strange ways of body modification...It will become terrible.Think about what's out there, what people actually wear, what they do to their bodies, and what might happen in the future, which scares parents.If you have young children, who knows that every teenager has to be involved in the latest and greatest fashion trends.
Most of the time, teenagers and parents will conflict because of what is appropriate or appropriate to wear.A certain amount of selfThe expression is good, but as most parents know, you have to draw a line somewhere.But where is that line?How do you know when your child has passed?What clothes do they wear? How important is it to who they are?At this stage of their lives, what they wear, or what they seem to be the most important thing in the world.It's usually just harmless, so make your child who they think they are.They tend to grow from it, and in the end, they become quite normal people.
Like I said, you have to draw a line somewhere.Get your daughter out of the house in an almost visible placeDress will definitely exceed this line.It's no big deal for her to dye her hair black with some blue stripes.It is extreme to have your son's face implanted with a ridge that looks like his forehead, but having him in full black and a little eyeliner will not cause any permanent damage.
Be sure to talk to your child.Make sure their strange new style is not a symptom of something else.Trauma, depression, tragic events or drug use may be the cause of dramatic changes in attitudes and appearance.Talk to your child and try to find out if this new look is just a search for their own identity or if it's a sign for something else.Approach the subject carefully so that they do not feel like they have been attacked or charged.Just ask them what they like about the clothes they ask for, or why they decide to dye their hair blue.Sometimes you get a straight answer, and sometimes you don't, but usually a good parent will know if their child is hesitating in the answer, or they seem to be disturbed by something.
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