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red and black sweatshirt Fashion Rules You Can Break

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-30
Break these boundaries!Rip up your fashion rules manual!Don't let those weird fashionsIn the past.Here are some fashion rules you can...no wait...You should take a break.You would have been rejected for violating fashion practices decades ago, and today, if you break fashion practices, you will be a breakthrough fashionista.Of course, those who adhere to the rules will turn over and over in their graves, wondering how they can bypass these commandments that should be fixed on stone.
But any fashion day worth her (or his) salt will tell you that just get out of those fixed boundaries and you can do more about fashion.Ergo, shows the first eight selections of fashion rules that we should completely cancel.Nothing in the fashion world is set in stone.
Some may even say that the more rules you violate, the more fashionable it may be --You are a striker.To join the ranks of fashion adventures, here is a memo sheet of fashion practices you can break.To break this rule, major cojones is required.
The print is usually bold and strong.
Most people (including your real ones) rarely wear prints.So, printing two strong prints together looks a bit like OTT's statement.Change this rule by combining Minimalist prints with bold patterns to complement each other's colors.
The black and white color combination is the perfect way to incorporate this vandal thing into the wardrobe.Denim Trousers-Clothing for most women.Denim shirts or chambray shirts have always been attractive.So why not put the two teams together?If you want to wear a cowboy or double cowboy, try the weight, cut and tone.
Mix inky denim with a light shirt.
Go with a smooth denim skirt and a jacket of the same color but different weight.Remember to create some visual relief with neutral colors.I have many friends who often ignore this rule and do it with gorgeous expressions.
There is something to be said about the attractiveness of shine and shimmer.It attracts people's attention like other colors or fabrics.If you do it right..There's nothing to stop you, is there?If you want to go all out, wear a sequin dress with a simple T-shirt.
Wear a neutral piece if you are afraid of too much jewelry (welcome to join the group --Color dress with sequins inlaid with matte accessories.Forget fashion, think practical.Just because you have to match your countless items with your shoes, is it possible to constantly move from handbag to handbag?Be careful if your answer is a loud "No.Think out-of-the-matching-Boxes and accessories in different colors.
Just don't go too far.
Take clues from the images here and wear neutral substances with your eyespopping colors.Black and navy blue, or black and brown.What's the matter?Don't you shake your head?Well, I agree.These are my favorite combinations, and I have always put them together.
When you don't seem to put any ideas into the clothing and pick the clothes in the dark, the problem comes up.To avoid these situations, wear at the same time at a healthy dose when paired with a neutral mass.And use another neutral to offset the two base colors.
Coco Chanel wore white all year round, completely ignoring the rule.Get inspiration from the original fashion days.Wear White every season.There are few colors that match the elegance of pure white.
A well-Cut white dress is the perfect way to make a statement.Not sure it will be all white yet?White trousers with jewelryShirts and white accessories.This is the best way to wet your toes.Does the same color look boring from head to foot?Or scary?Put these fears aside because there is nothing more interesting than that.
In an era when fashion has become big and bold, this minimalist look has created a miracle.Play with accessories and accents from another color family.Make popular clothing using different fabrics and textures.
In the same outfit, you can imagine lace, suede and cotton.If this doesn't look like your style, play with a color you don't usually wear.Wearing unusual colors from head to toe is usually noticeable.
Personally, this is a bit of a difficult rule to break.But with color and patterned stockings becoming more than just a fad, it's time to go beyond the obvious.Obviously, after all, you're wearing stockings.
Wear a colorful stockings with a neutral dress.The shoes you choose can be the same color as your clothes, but this is a personal choice.Break this motto if you think wearing the same color will get boring and you need another color to offset the socks.
That's how you left.
Break a rule at a time, or if you have a lot of confidence in the ability to wear them at a time, go all out.Make style your playground.Make fashion your own game of making rules
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