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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-07-14
When the air of the night becomes active and the vibrant leaves begin to contrast with the brilliant blue sky, you know autumn is here and it's time to start to end again in your most comfortable sweatshirtYou just have to take a jumper hoodie and it will keep you warm enough, but if you want to add some personal style to the sweatshirt, the zipper is probably the design element you 've been looking.With the zipper you can open it and use your favorite T-A shirt, worn like a cardigan, and even used it as a light jacket.So this year, put the zipper in your comfortable hoodie for the cool weather.
Mark a line in front of the center of the Jersey using the disappearing ink mark and straight edge.Cut along the front of the center with a sharp pair of scissors.Open the split zipper and completely separate the two sides.
Open the zipper, the right side of the zipper facing the right side of the jersey.Place the edge of the tape along the original edge of the jersey.The teeth of the zipper will face the outside.
Fix the zipper in place.
Use the zipper foot to sew the zipper in place.When you sew, be sure to remove the pin.Turn the zip strap down so the teeth are now away from the jersey.Sew near the fold edge using normal feet.All done!
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